Created by a doctor (and a mother!), Fembody is designed to meet the nutritional needs of women, using all-natural ingredients with scientifically proven formulas. Fembody knows and understands that women want results! We don’t have time to try every product out there. We need something we can trust, with ingredients we know are safe for our bodies.

Fembody has an entire line of premium supplements for women. Whether you are looking to increase your calcium, control your appetite, boost your metabolism or transform your hair, nails and skin, Fembody has something for you!

Just listen to how much Paula Abdul (the spokesperson for Fembody!) loves their Hair, Nails, and Skin Beauty Activator!

Pure science…pure beauty! Paula Abdul is still stunning…perhaps even more so than when I was dancing to “Forever Your Girl” and making up routines to “Straight Up!” She relies on the science of Fembody to help her achieve gorgeous hair and skin, and a healthy body and mind…and clearly it’s working for her!! Gorgeous!!

I was given a sample of Fembody’s Slim Select GT300.
Since I am on a reduced calorie diet, and have started integrating exercise back into my life, I knew this supplement was just right for me. Slim Select combines green tea and EGCG to help accelerate the metabolism and reduce stubborn fat cells (woohoo!) I have been taking the product for just over a week now. The capsules are easy to swallow, tasteless, and packed with natural ingredients designed to give your body a boost. I’ve been calling them my “energy” pills, as they wake me up and give me an extra boost of energy..(something a mother of four always needs!) I love that while I am playing with the kids, and going about my household chores, proven science is at work inside my body, helping me burn fat and raise my metabolism.

One lucky Chasing Supermom reader will get the chance to experience Slim Select GT300 too!! You will love them! Check out the full line of of Fembody products HERE! Remember that healthy is the new sexy! Let Fembody help you achieve the results you desire! Good luck!!

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