I’ve been on this crazy ride called “Motherhood” for the last six years, and boy….some crazy stuff has escaped my lips…Almost daily, I find myself saying just some plain weird sentences…sentences that only another mother would get…We’ve all been there, and understand that in any context other than parenthood, we’d be deemed criminally insane and have a ticket to the loony bin…However, we’re just responding to the crazy creativity of our babies…Enjoy!

Ten Things I NEVER Thought I’d Hear Myself Say

1. No, we’re not going to put a Yoda tattoo on your face.

2. Why is there potty in the bathtub? (the empty bathtub…)

3. No, I can’t help you shoot down the UFO right now, I’m feeding the baby.

4. Please don’t pour root beer in your boots.

5. I can help you destroy the robot chicken in just a minute.

6. Honey, I’m pretty sure that spider is NOT radio-active.

7. What are those spices on your piece of celery? (It was dill and paprika….he ate the whole thing….)

8. Ooohhh…$4.02 for gas?! Awesome! (Not really about parenting, but still….couldn’t believe those words escaped my lips…)

9. Let’s actually not sing songs about diarrhea.

10. I’m actually not sure which type of jam a triceratops would have preferred….
Motherhood is pure comedy. Thanks for laughing along with me and helping me enjoy this ride!