Over the past few months, I’ve been busily collecting odds and ends, bits and pieces, and varied vintage treasures in the hopes of creating the perfect retro nursery for my little girl. I absolutely LOVE the 50’s and 60’s (I swear I was born in the wrong century), and knew I wanted a room straight out of the past. I absolutely adore all things vintage, and chose the colors red and turquoise to create my little retro nursery.

I know with each of my kids, I was nonplussed with the selection of nursery decor available. I thought everything in the major department stores was very “babyish” or too “cutesy”. I wanted my kids to have rooms that would be appropriate past the age of 2. I also wanted my kids to have unique bedrooms. Creating a unique nursery or child’s room is easier than you may think…and even easier if you know someone who can use a sewing machine! Pick your colors, find some fabric, and begin collecting decor pieces that fit the theme or vibe you’re going for! Have fun collecting and creating! (I sure did!)

I knew I would need some reproduction vintage fabric (which they are actually making a TON of right now!) My mom is the seamstress for our local Craft Warehouse, (and no, I inherited none of her sewing skills), so we headed over to her store and found the perfect fabric for our dust ruffle and curtains. My mom was able to find a coordinating fabric to make the bumper pad. She surprised me with the most adorable fabric I’ve ever seen (that looks like pages straight out of a vintage children’s book) and made a valance for the curtains using a few quality sewing machines. With her Martha-Stewart-like sewing skills, she rocked out these super-cute retro creations on her sewing machine for me! (Because the idea of ME sewing, really stresses me out!)

Check out Harper’s curtains! My mom created a simple ruffled window-length curtain, with attached valance. She is a sewing genius. These are cute, fit with my theme,and are definitely one of a kind!

This is Harper’s crib! Check out the way her curtains match the dust ruffle and bumper! I love it! (The turquoise fabric has little red apples, and some of the polka dots on the red fabric, are actually white apples!)

I had TONS of fun finding cute accessories! I love this wall hanging I found at a local antique store! I also like showing off some of the special blankets people have made for Harper.

I don’t think a room I created would be complete without a bookcase (or in this case, TWO!) I wanted my kids to have room to grow with their library, and like having a place to show off some of my vintage and repro treasures!

I LOVE the way this dresser turned out!!

I found some plain white letters at the craft store, and painted them to match the room!

If YOU can’t sew, see if you can find a friend or family member who can. Having someone create one of a kind pieces for your nursery will help make it extra special (and will allow you to break free from the limited selection at the chain stores!) Trade services if you can’t afford to have things custom sewn. Seek out pieces not found in the “baby aisles.” Lamps, picture frames, books….ANYTHING can be used to create an extra-special nursery! Use paint to change up picture frames, lettering, and the wall. Don’t be afraid of COLOR! (It’s a room for a CHILD…it’s supposed to be fun!) Have fun creating a unique space for your child! Break away from the three or four choices available at the store, and get busy creating a one-of-a-kind room!

*This post was sponsored by Tesco. I received compensation for this post. All words, opinions and ideas are my own.