Levenger, (a site dedicated to providing tools for serious readers….how much do I LOVE this?!) has a full line of incredible ipad cases, sure to stop the feistiest of toddlers, the clumsiest users, the general bumps and bangs our tablets can go through as we cart them around.However, these cases are so much more than function. Each ipad case from Levenger allows the user to show off their style. Whether you’re a contemplative writer like me, or a fun-loving free spirit, there is an ipad case from Levenger for you! At Levenger, fashion and function truly combine to create fantastic and high-quality products.

These days, I am rarely without my ipad. It keeps me connected to social media, my blog, my email…it’s essential.I love the way my ipad allows me to stay in touch digitally. But….I’m a writer at heart, and there is something truly magical about putting pen to paper. The incredible folks at Levenger have developed the PERFECT product for someone like me.

Meet the Circa Ipad Foldover Notebook. I think I’m in love.

Here’s the product description from the website: “Writing on paper is personal and contemplative, while tablet-browsing is more action-oriented and exploratory…but of course, we use both sides. The introvert meets the extrovert in this Circa iPad notebook which allows you to browse your device and keep a notebook by your side to record your impressions. Digital energy meets the reflective quality of paper.”

With this amazing notebook case, not only would my ipad be protected, but I would be able to connect to the digital world while also being able to jot down my thoughts as a writer. It truly is the best of both worlds.

However, Levenger offers a WIDE variety of ipad cases, sure to meet every need and compliment any style.  Check out their full line of ipad cases HERE. If you don’t have an ipad, Levenger likely has something you’ll love. From bags to wallets, from notebooks to book lights, Levenger has got every reader covered! Please check out their website and see what Levenger has for YOU.

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