One of the things I hear over and over from friends and other mothers is, “I never have time to clean!” Moms frequently feel overwhelmed with the amount of housework that has to be done. It’s easy to look around the house, see all of the mess and clutter and immediately feel defeated. I’m here to give you a little bit of perspective, and help you use just a few of your spare minutes each day to maintain your home.

I’ve compiled a list of household chores that you can complete in five minutes or less! In five minutes, you can accomplish a lot!

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Don’t think about all of the housework as a “lump sum.” You do not have to do everything at once! Break it down and get a little bit done each day. Grab five minutes while your kids are occupied, napping, or spend fifteen minutes after they’ve gone to bed getting a few things done. You’ll be amazed at how much you can actually accomplish in just five minutes!

I think you’ll find that if you’re working with intention, are alone, and allow yourself to be free from distractions, you’ll  not only be able to accomplish each of these tasks in five minutes, but possibly have time to spare! So, put down your phone and your baby. Turn off the tv. Get ready to MOVE. (Some of these chores require you to move at a quick pace. These are not leisurely activities or for the “I think I’ll casually stroll through the house with my Windex” type of ladies. Be ready to CLEAN with intention!) Are you ready to put a few extra minutes to good use? Let’s go!

Five Minute Chores

Fold one load of laundry
Put away one load of laundry
Run a load of laundry, and swap your wash into the dryer
Make a bed (or 2 or 3!)
Change your sheets
Wash the interior of your windows (I got all of my downstairs windows in 5 min.)
Take out the trash
Sweep your kitchen
Wipe down all of your kitchen counters
Clean and disinfect  your kitchen sink
Clean the inside of your microwave
Clean your oven door (baking soda and water paste)
Check for and throw out any old, expired, or moldy food in the fridge
Wipe down all of the appliances on your counter (toaster, canisters, tea kettle, blender,etc.)
Unload the dishwasher (you can probably re-load it too!)
Clean all of your bathroom mirrors
Clean a toilet (or 2 if you’re quick!)
Wipe down your tub or shower
Clean and disinfect the bathroom sinks
Vacuum (if you book it, you can get multiple rooms done!)
Clean the couch (Cushions off, vacuum (and/or move toys and assorted junk), cushions back)
Dust the “big” things in a room (coffee tables, end tables, dressers, etc. Leave the knick-knacks for a day you have more time.)
De-clutter one room (or area)
Sort your mail
Take care of one “pile”
Water the house plants
Tackle the cobwebs


You may also like reading my post 30 Minutes to a Clean Home! In just half an hour, tackle the main elements of your house. Trust me…it works!

*It should be noted that I did NOT include “Pick up toys” on this list. I am a firm believer that this is NOT the job of a parent! Get your kids involved. Set the timer for them too. My kids love trying to “beat the clock” as they race to clean their room or pick up the toys at nap time and bed time.

Another favorite cleaning game at our house is “The Button Game.”

*The five minute time limit will work if your home is regularly maintained. Things that have gone without cleaning for awhile may take a bit longer (ie-the tub.) Just do your best! Once you begin to regularly clean your home, the maintenance will be snap!

Keep watching for my new and updated cleaning schedule! (I released one a few years ago, but have found that I need to update it just a bit!)