I have a thing for retro cookbooks, specifically those from the 50’s and 60’s. I long to top my meats with pineapple rings and bright red cherries. I want to put things in ring molds and serve them up on funky olive and mustard yellow colored platters.  Basically, I’d kill to live on the set of Mad Men…ya know, minus the chain smoking and debauchery.

I’ve had my eyes on this recipe for a few years now. I found it in one of my old-school cookbooks. It’s called “Cooking with Soup” and is from the early 70’s. It’s gloriously nostalgic and full of recipes and ideas that just about anyone on a food competition show would turn their noses at. I however, prefer simplicity and food of the “non-foodie” quality. The reason I hesitated to make this dish was the fact that I make less than stellar eggs. Don’t get me wrong, mine are…adequate. But, I’ve never been able to serve up deliciously  straight-from-the-diner scrambled eggs….until now.

These are SO incredibly easy, and take just two ingredients!


12 eggs

1 can condensed cream of chicken soup

To Prepare

1. In a large mixing bowl,stir your can of soup until well-mixed. Add in your eggs a few at a time and beat well using a large whisk.

2. Pour your egg mixture into a large non-stick skillet. Keep your skillet over medium heat. Gently stir your eggs, working to lift the cooked portions. Don’t over-work the eggs. Gently stir and lift until the eggs are thoroughly cooked but still moist.

These will be fluffy, moist, and full of flavor. Due to the sodium in condensed soup, taste your eggs prior to seasoning with salt! In no time you too can be serving up these retro eggs to your family! (My four year old has asked me three times since last night if he could have more!) Enjoy this blast from the past! Happy cooking!