Have you ever sat back and observed “that” mom? You know the one I’m talking about…perfect outfit, incredibly well-behaved children, always going on outings…her. I’ve been accused of being that mom. I then stifle a laugh, because I’ve been secretly wishing to be her for so long. The thing is, with so many moms out there perfecting the art of “looking like we have it all together”, we’re all starting to develop insecurities, fears, and irrational beliefs. We start to think our kids are the only ones who have gone limp in the middle of an aisle at the grocery store. We think we’re the only mom who drops her kids off at preschool wearing pajama pants. We believe our child is the only one in the lunchroom without an uber-healthy and organic homemade lunch. It’s crazy. We as moms do what we have to do to get by…to keep our head above water…to meet the millions of needs we are required to meet on a daily basis. It’s a tough job…yes…even for me! I take all kinds of short-cuts and have lots of “mom secrets.” I started The Confessional back in late 2010, because I KNEW that except for a BREAK, the things moms need most are encouragement and validation. We need to know that NO ONE has it all together.

With so many moms out there posting the “highlights”, I thought I’d take yet another turn to show you the parts of my life that aren’t going to make my status update or be posted on Instagram. These are the “reality” moments that we all experience and pretend not to. I also thought it would be fun to do the first-ever PICTURE confessional!

Today, I am taking another turn (I tell ya, I could this every week…) in The Confessional. At its onset, I never had trouble finding people to confess. People would email me to volunteer. Now, my inbox is empty….I think women like to hide behind the facade that they are indeed that perfect mom…BUT, I will tell you how much freedom there is in just letting it go…Admitting that we’re imperfect is liberating. My hope today is that you’ll read my list, nod along, and say, “Oh thank God! Chasing Supermom does that too!” I also hope that you will be inspired to confess, and help other mothers find that sweet breath of relief. Contact me if you’re interested. (Pretty pretty please?!)

Ready to feel better? Here we go!

Father forgive me…

 1. This is what I like to call the “Mommy is cleaning out the fridge” lunch….


Mmmmm….Last night’s garlic bread, a spoonful and a half of mac n’ cheese, the sad little grapes at the bottom of the bag….delish! The funny thing was that the kids were actually REALLY excited about this lunch. They crack me up.

2. Yesterday, I got busy writing up my 25 Books blog post, and this happened…

photo(25)Isn’t that where everyone keeps their Q-tips?

3. Weeding is my LEAST favorite chore of all time. So….

photo(24)My 7 and 5 year olds have been doing a section each afternoon. =)

4. I developed a fun “game” in college (my roomate who reads this can attest to this) called, “How high can I stack the garbage before someone else gives in and takes it out?” I’m very good at it.


5. I apologize for my milk-white legs, but this photo has 3 confessions….

vac1-This was about 3pm, and I’d yet to brush my hair or put on make-up.

2-I vacuumed this room 4 separate times yesterday. I have a full on obsession with the vacuum. My husband says it’s OCD. I call it “attention to detail.”

3- The shirt my 2 year old is wearing? He’d been wearing that shirt for about 40 hours at this point….

6. These are pretty much interchangeable at our house…

cupsI typically have no clue whose cup is whose. Ever.

7. I have begun to teach my youngest child how the mornings should be spent. When it’s just her and I up in the morning, this is what we do…

photo(22)I set her up with a stack of books so I can dive into mine. =)

If this helped you feel a little bit better, why not sit back and peruse The Confessional archives? If you would like to confess and either write up a list of 6-10 confessions or do a picture confessional, please let me know! I would LOVE to revive this feature on the blog! I’d love to set some guest-posters up for the summer, so drop me a line!

Until next week, you are exonerated. Have an awesome week!