I’m going to come right out and say it, I won the husband lottery. A local flower shop in town has a version of these topsy turvy pots out in front of their store, and I’ve had my eye on it for a few years now. On Mother’s Day, he surprised me with my very own!

My topsy turvy flower pots really make my front porch POP! We used 6 terracotta pots to create our display. We used one extra large, two large, 1 medium, 1 small, and 1 slightly smaller than the 5th.  My husband used a large piece of copper pipe to stabilize the pots and secure our “pot sculpture” to our house. You can use re-bar, but we thought the copper pipe was prettier.

pots (2 of 4)

We chose to have a visible bar so we could secure the pots. With four kids and a variety of weather systems, we felt this was a safer option. We used two small brackets to secure the pipe to the backside of our porch awning. (We secured the pipe AFTER we had our pots set up!)  If you photo(22)choose to use a long bar, you’ll need to start the project with ALL of the pots on the bar, one inside each other. Then as you fill the pots with soil (starting at the bottom), have one person lift the remaining pots out of the next pot needed, while the other person sets the next pot in place. (This is most definitely a two-person job!) We played around with the positioning of our pots a few times to get a look we were both happy with. The pots are easier to balance than you might think.

pots (4 of 4)Here is a close-up of the bottom three pots. The second pot is balancing primarily in the soil of the first pot, while the third pot is relying heavily on gravity and the copper pipe. =)

pots (3 of 4)We used a variety of flowers and plants to fill our pots, choosing different colors and heights. We also selected some great “trailing” flowers that will “spill” out of the pots as they grow.

topsyturvyI love the way my topsy turvy flower pots look on my front porch. It’s a bright spot of color on a typical NW day and a beautiful way to welcome people to our home. It also serves as a reminder of just how much my husband loves me, each and every time I go outside. I hope a few of you will be inspired to create a beautiful flower pot sculpture of your own!