Welcome back to Day Nine of our Ready for Kindergarten: 30 Days of Activities, Ideas, and Learning Fun series! Getting your child ready for kindergarten can be so much fun! One of my favorite things about working with kindergartners was their eagerness to learn new things. I wish all of us could bottle up and keep that zest for knowledge.

Today we are talking all about COLORS! Helping your child learn the colors can be a TON of fun! You can explore the colors through art, reading, scientific exploration and observation, writing, and even math! Today’s post will be full of activity ideas you can do with your child that explore color! You may want to pin or share this post so you can come back and do the different activities as you have time.

Exploring Colors Through Art

1. Fruit Loop Rainbow

From Making Learning Fun *Click for printable worksheet!


Playing with Fruit Loops is a fun and easy way to talk about colors with your child. Not only will your child be sorting the colored cereal pieces, but as they place each piece, you can talk about the color words. *Added bonus – Talk about the colors of the rainbow, how rainbows work, etc!

I also loved the variation on this project thought up by Mama’s Little Muse. Instead of cereal, children use torn pieces of paper from a magazine (or you could use tissue paper, construction paper, scrapbook paper, etc.) to create their rainbow! Fun way to recycle too!


Here are a few of my favorite books about Rainbows!

2.Color Sticker Matching

From Little Family Fun – lots of cute ideas on this site!


My kids LOVE to play with stickers. This project allows them to sort their stickers by color. *Bonus- Could also be considered a reading activity!

Exploring Colors Through Reading

1. Color Matching Word Cards

From Homeschool Creations *Click for printable cards (And more- great site for homeschooling families!)

Color Matching Cards

This beautiful set of 10 cards will help your child learn to recognize and READ the color words. As they sort the pictures into color families, they will continually be looking at the color words, helping cement them to memory. *Bonus- This is a great vocabulary expansion activity!!

2. Color Book

From Tip Junkie – Click through for this incredible printable – plus many more!


This is a super-cute printable for a fun afternoon project. Your child can read the word, trace the word, and classify pictures by color in this hands-on activity.

3. Color Farm Book

From Dr. Jean

Print a fun booklet for your kids to read and color. Dr. Jean uses the song Bingo to help children learn to spell the color words. (I prefer the smaller version of the book, as the kids can color it!)

Here are a few of my favorite books about Colors! (More to come later!)

Exploring Colors Through Science

1. Colorful Paper Towels Experiment

From All For Kids – Love this! Kids walking kids through science activities!


Not only is this science activity FUN, it also provides an opportunity to talk about how colors can be mixed to create other colors. Use this principle to do a variety of color mixing with your child. Let them make predictions as to what color the center cup will turn! They will love this one!

2. Shaving Cream Color Mixing

From Getting Messy with Jessi – lots of fun hands-on ideas!


We have done something similar before and my kids loved it! I love the idea of using the ziploc bag to contain the mess, and the novelty really appeals to kids! Explore with a variety of colors and talk about color mixing. If you’re brave, you can paint with the colorful shaving cream!

Exploring Colors Through Writing

1. Color Word Worksheets

From Donna Young -SO many great printables! Click through for a set of great color word writing worksheets!


2. More Color Word Worksheets

From First-School – A site I have used numerous times! Great resource!

Click the link for the worksheets – and some great printable flashcards too!

Exploring Colors Through Math

1. Peg People Color Race Game

From Tons of Fun Preschool Activities – Another great site! Click through to find out how she made the game.


Your child will roll a colorful cube and race to the finish line using the appropriately colored peg. This game requires logic, simple counting, color matching, and can teach turn-taking!

2. Rainbow Counting Bears


Click HERE to buy a set of rainbow bears!

I absolutely LOVE rainbow counting bears! Not only can your child sort by colors with these bears, they can also create graphs, and do simple addition/subtraction and story problems with the bears. These provide such natural mathematical conversation opportunities.

I hope you have a FUN time as you play with and explore colors with your kindergartner!

I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for Day 9 of our Ready for Kindergarten: 30 Days of Activities, Ideas, and Learning Fun series!

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