We decided that this was going to be the summer of SIMPLE fun. No elaborate projects, no thematic lesson plans, and not even our annual summer bucket list. Kids don’t need fancy – they just need their family. I decided to make this summer about intentional time together just enjoying nature, being creative, and having fun.

I came up with a fun little abc list of fun summer activities that are free, require little to no planning, and keep it simple while still being FUN! Enjoy a simple summer with me!

A is for art projects

B is for blanket forts, board games, and bike riding

C is for chalk on the driveway

D is for dance parties

E is for exercise, as you run and play

F is for friendship bracelets

G is for Go-Fish

H is for hot dogs, roasted over the fire, hammocks, and hopscotch

I is for ice cream cones

J is for joke-telling

is for kites

L is for the library and lemonade stands

is for learning a magic trick

N is for nature walks

O is for origami

P is for popsicles and puppet shows

Q is for quiet afternoons, lounging in the sun

R is for read-alouds

S is for s’mores, sprinklers, and star-gazing

T is for the trampoline

is for underdogs on the swings

V is for video games, and old VHS tapes

is for water balloons

X is for treasure hunts, X marks the spot

Y is for yo-yo tricks

Z is for zzzzz’s while you sleep under the stars