Samples provided courtesy of Oriental Trading. Opinions my own. 

I have a little confession – our Elf on the Shelf is pretty boring. Some might even call our Elf lazy. Let’s just say that at the end of a long day, the last thing our “Elf” wants to do is create an elaborate scene or make a mess on the kitchen counter. Our “Elf” is much more into binge-watching shows on the couch, and then hiding in the first place he can find. =)

Every year I see all of the super-“Pinteresty” ideas, the uber-elaborate scenes other elves create, and just shake my head. This year, with a little help from Oriental Trading (and their HUGE stock of Christmas items!!), Fred (our Elf on the Shelf) will be leaving fun treats and surprises for the kids, instead of getting into mischief or hiding in crazy places.

I had SO much fun browsing through Oriental Trading’s selection of Christmas items. From supplies like plates & napkins to craft and activity kits to novelty toys and candy, there is so much to choose from.

Here are a few of the fun surprises our Elf will be bringing this holiday season:

  • Elf on the Shelf Chocolates! The kids will LOVE finding candies with their favorite magical friend on them! One morning Fred will show up bearing a chocolate treat for each child.

elf on shelf with candy

  • Elf friends! If a child touches their Elf on the Shelf, he/she loses their magic for 24 hours. SO, I wanted to find some huggable elf friends for the kids. Oriental Trading sells a set of one dozen plush long-armed elves. Each child will get one, and we have enough to share with friends, or use as funky tree ornaments! They’ll love them!


  • Tree Boxes! I LOVE theme days! One day this month we will have Christmas tree day. We will make ice cream cone edible trees, make a few ornaments, and go see the city tree. The kids will also wake up to ADORABLE Christmas tree-shaped boxes from Fred. These boxes are hollow when constructed, so you can fill them up with treats as well! I think the kids will like to keep them for their dolls and figures too!


  • Color Your Own Advent Wreaths! The kids and I have been learning about advent each day this month. I found this great advent wreath kit on Oriental Trading, and thought it would be a fun and easy way for them to further their understanding….and let them learn about the candles without playing with fire!! 😉


Fred actually brought these this morning, and all four kids LOVED it!! “Fred has never brought us presents before!!!” #mom4thewin

What will YOU find for your Elf to bring this year? There is SOOOO much to choose from, and the prices can’t be beat! Check out their Christmas selection and load up your cart!

I also picked up what we need to create our annual “Neighbor Treat Boxes” and have a special Christmas Eve celebration. We always watch Charlie Brown Christmas on Christmas Eve, so I jumped at the chance to pick up some of the new Peanuts merchandise being offered on Oriental Trading. In addition to what is pictured, I also got some SUPER cute Peanuts cut-out decorations!


Let Oriental Trading help you out this Christmas. Stop stressing about where to hide your elf, or how to out-do the elaborate elf scenes you see on the internet. Grab a few fun surprises from Oriental Trading and delight your kids! Merry Christmas everyone!