I’m pretty much always planning my next Disneyland trip. I love it – the sites, the sounds, and the smells! I thought it would be fun to create a fun little quiz based on four of the most iconic Disneyland smells. These smells are nearly inescapable when you visit the park – and catching the scent of something similar always takes me back to the park.

Take the quiz at the end of the post, and leave me a comment letting me know what your result was! (I’m Disney Water…my favorite!)

The Smells: 

Disneyland Water

While some people think I’m crazy – I know I’m not alone when I say that “Disney Water” is my favorite Disneyland smell. It’s just….magical.

Many people when hearing this, ask, “what’s so special about chlorine?” And here’s the thing – the smell? Not chlorine. Disneyland actually uses a chemical called Bromine to treat and clean the water in their water attractions like Pirates of Caribbean, Splash Mountain, and It’s a Small World.

To me, Disney Water just smells like…home.


Main Street Sweets

It’s inescapable – the lure of that sweet vanilla mixed with the smell of fresh waffle cones. Yes, we’ve learned that it’s a smell being pumped into the air – and we’re okay with that. It’s the first thing you smell when you step onto Main Street – and it’s so cravable!


If you’ve spent any time at Disney, you know the lure those churros have. You’re standing in line for an attraction and that smell of warm cinnamon just slaps you in the face in the best way. And suddenly – you just have to have one. They’re warm, sweet, and a Disney must!


Dole Whip

That tangy fruity smell of fresh pineapple – it’s just incredible. It’s that perfect blend of sweet and tart – and makes you feel like you’re relaxing on an island – right in the middle of all the beautiful Disney chaos.

(After you finish taking the quiz, a screen will ask you for your info. You can just click “skip” underneath that, and not give anyone your info. That was from the quiz maker, not me! Your info is your business!) Have fun taking the quiz!!