One of my favorite Christmas traditions is filling the stockings. Growing up, each stocking stuffer was wrapped, and we took turns – opening one gift at a time, stopping to really enjoy the little gifts found inside. Now, I’ve continued that tradition with my own children. I have so much fun coming up with small treasures and little presents to put inside our stockings and wanted to share some of my very favorite ideas with you.

I hope you find a new idea or two. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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  • Books! (Books are one of my all-time favorite stocking stuffers! I love browsing for books at thrift stores to save money!) Need some book suggestions? Check out my 100 Chapter Books You Must Read to your Children post. (My second most popular post of all time!)
I’m reading my son Goodnight Moon, #42 on my list of 100 Picture Books You Should Read Your Children. Check out the list for more book ideas to put in YOUR child’s stocking this year!
  • Art supplies (construction paper, crayons, markers, stickers, pipe cleaners and pom-poms – anything they can create with!)
  • Outdoor Toys (bubbles, sidewalk chalk, kites, etc.)
  • Bath Toys (including bubble bath/shower gel, “magic” washcloths, and bath sponge capsules!)
  • Spiral notebooks, writing journals, drawing pads (a blank page is the beginning of creativity!)
  • Coloring books, Activity books, Workbooks, etc.
  • flashcards
  • Card Games (We LOVE all the different versions of Uno!)
  • travel games
  • Treats (the cereal they always ask for, candy, juice boxes, gum, etc.) My kids always pick a food item each year – often chips or nuts at my house!
  • glow sticks
  • Balls (bouncy balls, Nerf balls, a new baseball, etc.)
  • Tactile Play (silly putty, play doh, slime or slime kits, floam, thinking putty, etc. And don’t forget the dough tools!)
boy playing with dough
My son is playing with play-doh and cookie cutters in this picture. Plastic cookie cutters make a GREAT gift and are often more affordable than the “official” tools offered by Play-Doh, etc.
  • Classic Toys (slinky, yo-yo, etch-a-sketch, etc.)
  • Outdoor Gear (flashlights, canteens, tarps, camping tools and supplies, etc.)
  • Puzzles (You can almost always find puzzles for cheap at thrift stores!)
  • Puzzle Books (Sudoku, crossword puzzles, etc.)
  • Clothes (Make clothes fun for everyone with “character” tees, pj’s, fuzzy socks, etc. I love to shop those clearance racks this time of year!)
  • Fun Dishware (Think crazy straws, sippy cups, insulated water bottles, fun mugs, lunchboxes, etc. Lots of options!)
  • Beanie Babies (Ty is air-shipping these this holiday season with NO price increase AND free shipping! In stock and affordable!)
  • Barbies (While Barbies have gone up in price, you can often find the “swimsuit” Barbies for under $10. Also look for Barbie clothes, pets, and other accessories.)
  • Hot Wheels
  • Funko Pops (These are a HUGE hit at my house and you can almost always find a good selection for under $10. Check online.)
Funko is headquartered in our home state!
  • Beauty Products (chap stick, scrunchies, clips, etc.)
  • Jewelry
  • In the Kitchen (kids’ cookbooks, aprons, cooking utensils, etc.)
  • Nerf toys
  • Lego Sets (Look for the Lego “bags” , mystery minifgs, or even base plates!)
  • Experiences!! (Grab a movie ticket, a $5 gift card for the local ice cream shop, etc.)