In the summer, all I can say is thank goodness for our seasons of Friends on DVD. Summer television is terrible, and while we may read more at night, and watch more of our movies, we still find ourselves anticipating the third week or so of September when “the good stuff” comes back! With that said, here is my personal list of the top five shows I am most excited to start again!

1. Chuck – I LOVE Chuck! I am anxious to see where the show goes now that several plot-lines have played out (Chuck and Sarah are now together, Ellie and Awesome both know Chuck is a spy, Morgan is on the team, etc.)

Guilty Pleasure: I love Jeffster. Those two characters crack me up!

Hope for the Show: I want Shaw to go down. (and stay down this time.)

2. The Office – Who doesn’t love The Office? (okay, except for my mother).  I am so disappointed that Steve Carrell is leaving after this season (especially as I fear his departure will hurt the show/cancel it), but can’t wait for it to come back! I even watched episodes of The Office while in labor with our son. I always laugh (even during uncomfortable episodes like “The Dinner Party,” and love that some of the more minor characters have been featured more prominently.

Favorite Character: The ‘Nard Dog (Ya gotta love Andy!)

Hope for the Show: Michael and Holly to get married, many many more pranks on Dwight

3. 30 Rock – My husband and I just started watching 30 Rock via Netflix several months ago. We laugh out loud at every episode. I’m contemplating watching this show while in labor in a few months…

Favorite Character: Kenneth the Page! He cracks me up!

Confession: The song “Muffin Top” is in my head ALL the time! (But hey, my muffin top really IS all that, whole grain, low fat….okay I will stop now..)

4. The Big Bang Theory – I challenge you to watch this show and NOT laugh at Sheldon. He is quite possibly one of my favorite characters of all time (and not just because I understand some of his OCD, hyper-anal tendencies)..This show is funny, smart, and realistic. You can watch this show and say, “Yep, THOSE guys went to my college.”

Inspirations: I always want to knock on the bathroom door when my husband is in there, knocking repeatedly, “knock, knock, knock, David, knock, knock, knock, David” over and over and over.

Catch Phrase- Bazinga!

5. The Biggest Loser – I adore this show. I love rooting for certain contestants (and the reverse as well…I hate the “game-players”), love the temptations, and love watching them truly transform before your eyes. I’ve had my favorite win the last few times as well, which is an added bonus.

Confession: We ALWAYS seem to have ice cream on the night we watch The Biggest Loser…and we really don’t eat ice cream every night..just seems to happen on Tuesdays..

Confession Part 2: The Biggest Loser has inspired my husband and I to have several exercise contests while watching…(who can do the most push-ups, sit-ups, etc.) (Yes, he usually kicks my butt.)

Close contenders for the Top 5: The Amazing Race and Survivor (These are my two of my favorite reality shows, and I get WAY too involved in both (and my favorite never wins), but love them both, and can’t wait for their return!)