What a week! I don’t know about you all, but it has been CRAZY around my house this week! We just had my daughter’s fifth birthday party this morning. Now that our little indoor carnival is all picked up and put away, I got to thinking…”You forgot to put up the Mom Spotlight yesterday!” So, I apologize…you will have to meet the lovely and talented “Crayon Wrangler” a day late…but she is worth getting to know! I met this mama and fellow blogger on Twitter, and have enjoyed chatting with her! I hope you will check out her blog, Crayon Wrangler: Coloring Outside the Lines! Please go check out her blog and show her some love! Now, it’s time to meet her…Relax, get comfortable, (or at least block out the screaming and Diego’s voice for a few minutes) and find out how another mom does things…take a peek into her life…Here we go!

The Basics:

Name: Crayon Wrangler
Age: 30something
Kids: Buzz (5yo) Belly (3yo) Bitsy (1yo)
Hometown: Tennessee

Kid Stuff:

Children’s TV show I actually LIKE: Word World
My children are NOT allowed to watch: Phineas & Ferb
One kids’ movie I really love is: Lassie
My favorite book(s) to read to my kids are: Goodnight Moon, Boom Chicka Rock
My kids go to bed at: 8:30pm
My favorite rainy day activity is: Building forts indoors
When it’s warm out: Hiking and tree climbing
My favorite kid friendly restaurants are: We always eat at home

Let’s Eat:

The pantry item I absolutely cannot live without is: Honey Nut Cheerios
My go-to weeknight dinner is: Broccoli Cheesy Chicken Casserole
My go-to company meal is: Enchiladas and Tacos
The food I pretend to buy for the kids that is really for me is: Gummy Snacks
My food weakness is: Cheesecake Brownies
I am not myself in the morning until I’ve had my cup of: Coffee with Almond Joy Creamer (but I need a whole


Aside from my kids, I am PASSIONATE about: Photography
If I had a whole day all to myself, I would: Drive and photograph landscape
My absolute most favorite movie of all time is: Wuthering Heights (1939)
My favorite TV show is: House
My celebrity crush is: I really can’t think of anyone. Lame, I know.
If you were to put my ipod on shuffle, you’d likely hear: Ipod? I’m still stuck on 8 tracks, but you would hear
something by Dean Martin or Freddy Fender
The best book I ever read was: Mark Of The Lion (Trilogy) Francine Rivers
My spouse (partner) and I keep romance alive by: Making the kids play hide & go seek *wink wink*
My favorite place to shop is: Coldwater Creek
I am sent to my breaking point when: I can’t get outside for days
When I’m stressed out I: Hike on our property and photograph
My favorite (most tolerated) way to exercise is: Hiking
The best piece of advice I ever received was: Love yourself, love your family and take care of what will matter
on your deathbed. Focus on those three things and nothing else really matters.