I’ll admit it…I was skeptical…Yanni? Really? I didn’t think I was old enough for Yanni. I thought that you had to be sitting at the dentist’s office or be on hold with your cable provider to listen to his music…I was WRONG. Hip, young, suburban moms can really get into Yanni…(it’s true!)

I was given the chance to receive and review Yanni’s new album, Touch of Truth. This is Yanni’s first release of his original instrumental compositions in over eight years! Yanni is one of the true leaders in the world of instrumental music. His signature style and passion for his work are very well reflected in his new album. His new cd has 15 all-new instrumental tracks that are sure to set the mood, help you relax, and take you away from the stress of the day! I don’t know about you, but I can only listen to so much “noise.” Often while I am working at home, I like to have something to listen to other than the current (and way over-played)n Top 40 radio mix. I often find myself looking for something to listen to that won’t distract me from my work, but instead will relax my mind and help me focus. I’ve found that Yanni’s Touch of Truth does just that. His music is very relaxing…soothing…comforting…So often we find ourselves caught up in the same old lyrics that we forget what quality MUSIC there is out there! Being married to a composer myself, I appreciate Yanni’s attention to rhythm, sound, and orchestration.ย  You will find yourself being carried away as you listen. This would be the perfect cd to play while entertaining guests…it’s pleasant and relaxing music that won’t distract or take away from conversation.ย  I am also looking forward to using this cd at dinnertime! This would also make a fantastic cd for naptime or bedtime! Instrumental music soothes and calms children and infants! I love having music on while we eat…it stimulates conversation and tends to just place a nice calm over the house. On that note, I also recommend listening to Yanni’s new cd with your kids! I had so much fun today listening to the tracks with my young children. During each song I’d ask, “What does this song remind you of?” My daughter responded with things such as , “The ocean.” or “Riding through the desert on a camel!” It was so neat to see the way Yanni’s original songs sparked creativity and feeling in them!

You can pick up a copy of Yanni’s new cd HERE or in most major retailers. You can also find Yanni on itunes. Yanni is also currently on tour, and is most likely coming to a city near you! Check out all his latest TOUR INFO!

Now, one of you has a chance to WIN Yanni’s new cd, Truth of Touch!

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