What a fun week! I think I could have EASILY filled two or three weeks with teddy bear fun! I feel like I didn’t even scratch the surface of some of the amazing resources out there. Please download and check out my weekly curriculum planner for the week. I hope you will find it helpful! Teddy Bear Weekly Curriculum

Here is a little summary of what we did this week!


Monday: KWL Bears Chart (This stands for “What do you KNOW?, What do you WANT to know?, and What have you LEARNED?”

Tuesday: Review of our Weekly Poem/Song and the accompanying page for their poem journal

Wednesday: Ten in the Bed Workmat Activity (I made a sheet with a bed on it, and we used ten counter bears to sing the “10 in the Bed” song and talk about basic addition/subtraction and number sentences.)

Thursday:  Bear Bingo (Identifying the different types of bears)

Friday: Brown Bear, Brown Bear read-aloud







Teddy Bear Parade! (Have your children parade their favorite stuffed bears through the house..the neighborhood…so much fun!

Dramatic Play: We acted out The 3 Bears! We practiced first, and then put on our play for Daddy. Let your kids use props and costumes, and use their imagination to re-tell the story!

Bear Games: Bear May I? (Just like Mother May I?), Pass the Bear (Just like Hot Potato, only with a bear!), and a Bear Relay (with only 2 kids, we just had a basket of bears at one end of the yard and an empty basket on the other end. They had to run the bears from one basket to the other and see who could fill the basket first.)

Teddy Bear’s Picnic: Take your bears outside and have a picnic lunch with them. You can even eat what bears do…Fish and Honey (Goldfish crackers and Honeycomb cereal!)

Graphing: Do a gummy bear graph, or graph the colors of bears you have in your house!


We made peanut butter bears! Here is the recipe for the peanut butter dough, that we shaped into bears! This is a healthy and fun snack! You could do this with sun butter if you have a peanut allergy.


Do a Venn Diagram comparing real bears and teddy bears! Use counting bears to do color and size sorting, and to do basic number sentences!

Chapter Book

We read aloud, Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne. This was fun to discuss the differences between the story, and the Disney versions. My children enjoyed the familiar characters and stories.


Have your child write a version of The Three Bears, using their name (ie-Hannah and the Three Bears). Let them make changes to the story if they like. Maybe they will sample pizza instead of porridge  or try out their bikes instead of their chairs. Let them be creative!

Write your own version of the Brown Bear book together. Think of different color/animal combinations. You can even turn your ideas into a predictable text reading book for your little one to practice!

Check out my weekly curriculum planner to see all of my other ideas! Thanks for spending a week of learning with us!

Teddy Bear Weekly Curriculum