Welcome back…It’s Sunday again, and time to lay it all on the line in The Confessional. The Confessional is a place where we come and admit to our shortcomings, confess our guilt, drop the pretenses, and yell out to the world, “I’m NOT perfect!” (And it’s okay!) We find absolution, relief, acceptance….and ever elusive validation. We recognize ourselves in other parents, and find that we’re all in this together….no one has everything all figured out, and you are not alone in your parenting struggles.

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Very excited to have today’s confessor in The Confessional! She had been considering writing a confessional for awhile, and I’m so glad she did…SO much for other moms to relate to today! Thanks so much Nicole!

Ready to feel better? Here we go!

Father forgive me…

I’ve been meaning to do this forever… finally sat down and wrote them out… you’re right! not only is it freeing to read others, but freeing to participate and tell your own! (I had to include this note from today’s confessor….I just KNOW there are more of you out there thinking about doing this!!)

1. I drive 10 extra minutes to go to the starbucks with a drive-thru so I don’t have to get my kid out of the car. I have 3 starbucks within several minutes of me.

2. I’ve always hated poopy diapers… makes me gag and nearly throw up. My mom told me that when you become a mom, it just changes and you don’t mind changing your own children. Well, I mind very much. I secretly pray that Benjamin will fill his pants while daddy or gammy’s on watch. In fact, if I know he’s working on something, I’ll even drive over to grandma’s so she’ll do the dirty work… pitiful.

3. Some days, my son probably doesn’t need a nap… But I do… so many times I lay down with him in his bed to put him to sleep, but I’m the only one sleeping.

4. Brushing teeth is my child’s worst nightmare. So sometimes, ok, a lot of times, we don’t.

5. Not going to lie, my child watches too much tv. In fact, he starts crying before the episode is even over because he knows them all by heart.

6. Benjamin usually goes to bed between 8-10. Well, all the new Christmas hallmarks are on from 8-10. So when Daddy’s working late, Benjamin doesn’t go to bed til really late because I can’t miss the commercials either.

7. I make my husband call me when he’s on his way home from work and then I run around with my head cut off for 30 minutes making it look like I did something all day.