If you’ve been reading the blog for any length of time, you know just how important I think books are. The people at Harper Collins want to help you inspire your little girl to feel like a successful reader this summer.

Beginning chapter books are a great transition from picture books to chapter books. Before your emergent reader takes on something like Matilda (or anything else from my list of 100 Chapter Books You MUST Read to Your Kids!), they should begin with something geared a bit more towards their unique level.

The Junie B Jones series was the first beginning chapter book my young daughter read. Not only did she feel successful, (due to shorter chapters, larger print, and a developmentally appropriate reading level), she ENJOYED it! Junie B. is relatable and lovable. AND, you can get a Junie. B book for FREE!

Click HERE to get your free Junie B. Jones book, The Stupid Smelly Bus. It’s the first in the series, so if your child likes it, they will have the joy of collecting the rest of the series!  You’ll need to sign up for the Junie. B Jones newsletter to get the book. You can customize the newsletter.

You can purchase books #1-27 HERE!

Enjoy, and happy reading!!