Welcome back to The Confessional ladies! This is my absolute favorite post, and since I have missed it so much, I decided to yet again step into our virtual confessional and let the ugly truth of motherhood hang out….Let’s face it. We’re not perfect. (Repeat this to yourself several times a day if necessary.) We get so caught up in trying to be this mythical creature called Supermom, that we constantly are setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment. Supermom….not real. There is no need to feel like you need to skip about your home as you do laundry feeling blessed and overjoyed with the tasks of serving your family…A gourmet feast does not need to await your husband the moment he steps through the door, nor do your children need to be perfectly decked out in designer children’s wear. Life is NOT a magazine and June Cleaver was fictitious. We’re REAL women doing the best we can. Period. So what if you’re serving chicken nuggets. (again.) Who cares if your kid insists on wearing their rain boots to school every single day? And yep, I’ll even go out on a limb and give you permission to  let Sprout watch your children for a bit so you can get something done (or have some peace and quiet!)

The Confessional is all about admitting who we REALLY are, and helping other women out there to find the ever elusive validation. My hope each week is that somewhere out there, another mother reads a confession and goes, “Thank God I am NOT the only one!” Check out The Confessional Archives for few good laughs and some sweet relief.

This feature however,does not work without YOU. I need volunteers! I need guest posters! I need brave women to step up, and share the truth…..It’s cathartic ladies…I promise. Please contact me if you are willing to write a confessional post! I will schedule you out for whichever Sunday works best for you. Please flood my inbox ladies!

Ready to feel better? Here we go!

Father forgive me…

1. The other day, I was playing with my son, and could tell that he had not brushed his teeth. I said, “Hen, you need to go brush your teeth. They’re looking a little bit yellow.”  His response…”But Mom, they’re not green yet!”

2. I completely abuse bath time. My kids will sometimes sit in the bath for a good 40 minutes…Bath time means time when the kids are corralled, amused, and not bothering me or making a mess…My children never exit a bath without prune toes or raisin fingers….all so that mommy can sit and read another chapter of her book or watch just a teeny bit more of Chopped. (And no, I don’t feel bad.)

3. We were completely out of juice this morning, so my kids got sparkling cider in their sippy cups. We’re fancy that way. =)

4. My kindergartner has taken a liking to what she hears on the radio. As we were walking into a store the other day, she was belting out “I can moooooooooooo like Jagger.” (And ya know what, I’ll betcha Mick Jagger really can moo…)

5. My three year old is not a big eater (as in, we have to buy Carnation Instant Breakfast to get calories and protein in him!). Most mornings he asks for a piece of cheese and a hot dog for breakfast. At least twice a week, I’ll say yes.

6. I recently watched the ENTIRE series of Felicity on Netflix in about 3 weeks….I would just have it on in the background as I was playing with the boys or doing my chores…Sometimes the kids would ask for a kids’ show, and I’d tell them that there weren’t any on right now. (What can I say? I had to see if she ended up with Ben or Noel.)  I saw a dramatic increase in household productivity when I finished the series……

7. I am happy that my kids go to a Sunday school program/kindergarten where they do fun and creative projects…I am.Truly. However, I secretly wish they didn’t come home with four hundred papers each week…Every week I have to find a way to sneak the majority of what comes home in the trash (and have resorted to putting the papers underneath dirty diapers so they can’t be rescued…)

8. I think my kids genuinely believe that whipped cream is the standard topping on pancakes, waffles, and french toast….

9. Lately, I will dress myself and the boys about ten minutes before I know my husband and daughter will be coming home…


Think you can do that? PLEASE contact me!!! I would LOVE to have you, and will happily send traffic to your blog or social media as well! Thanks for reading and until next week, you have been exonerated. Go and sin no more.