Welcome back to a special Monday edition of The Confessional!

It’s that time again….time to lay it all down…confess our sins and guilt…free ourselves from self-inflicted shame and self-doubt….letting the world (okay, the Chasing Supermom readers) know that we are NOT perfect. (And we never will be.) (And ya know what…that’s okay!) In The Confessional, we recognize that nobody has it all together…Every mother makes mistakes. You’re NOT alone! The next time you feel like you’ve lost all hopes at ever winning “Mother of the Year” read a confessional, and realize that we all win that award every single day…because we keep going….we keep trying…We keep right on mothering when things don’t go our way…Keep your head up…You’re doing your best…We all are…Let’s just keep chasing…Here we go….

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I would like to welcome Lindsey to The Confessional today. You may remember her from her guest post on the blog back in December (which you can read HERE!) She is the author of the blogs, www.lindsey-bell.com and www.livingwholeagain.blogspot.com. She posts thoughts on marriage and family, as well as handy (and printable!) preschool lesson plans each week, as well as runs a wonderful support blog for mothers dealing with a miscarriage. You can also find Lindsey Bell on facebook! Show her some love and “like her page!” She is VERY close to 100 fans…let’s help her out! I found myself nodding along with many of her confessions today, and I know you’ll appreciate her honesty and genuine spirit!

Ready to feel better? Here we go!

Father forgive me…

1. My son rarely wears pants at home. But hey, at least he has a shirt and underwear on,

2. I often eat my son’s candy. Of course, I like to call it “sampling” or “making sure he
doesn’t eat too much.” But really, it’s just because I love candy and we adults don’t get it
nearly as often as kids do.

3. Every Sunday, my son gets fruit snacks after church. Not a week goes by that I don’t
eat one of them as I’m opening the bag for him.

4. I sometimes change into my pajamas before dinner. They are just SO much more
comfortable than jeans.

5. I allow my son to spend way too much time in the bath so I can have a few more
minutes of quiet time.

6. I rarely wash the sheets on our bed. And the decorative towels in the bathroom? Maybe
once a year. Who wants to add more to the mountain of clothes in the laundry room?

7. Sometimes when I don’t want to get up in the morning, I let my son eat straight from
the cereal box for breakfast.

8. I secretly like that my children have started doing chores. Now, I hardly ever have to
put the clothes into the washing machine.

9. I frequently use my phone to distract my three-year-old, especially while grocery
shopping. But it’s just so nice to get all of my groceries in peace and quiet while he
enjoys Cars or Horton Hears a Who. Please tell me I’m not the only one!


Until next week, you are exonerated. Go and sin no more! (And PLEASE, contact me if you’d like to confess!!! This weekly post doesn’t work without YOU!)