Welcome back to the Chasing Clean Challenge!! Last year, I ran five  cleaning challenges for you.  Back by popular demand, I have some new challenges for you! If you missed the first few challenges (where we’ve been focusing on the kitchen), head on over to the Cleaning section of my blog, where you’ll find the first Chasing Clean Challenges, along with lots of other articles on cleaning!

The Project: The Forgotten Areas!!

I titled today’s challenge “The Forgotten,” because I’m guessing lots of us don’t really think about our area of focus today.  We’re not focusing on one area that receives a lot of attention…Instead, we’re going to tackle some hidden dirt.  The first time I truly “saw” these areas, I was shocked! I had no idea so much dust was just sitting around my house….Today’s challenge is a bit different than the others, as we’re not focusing our attention on one room of the home…This time, you’ll be moving throughout your house, and this challenge may take just a bit longer (depending on the size and cleanliness of your home.)

Today we’re going to tackle door frames and molding. From top to bottom, we’ll be getting rid of hidden dirt and  dust! The steps are simple but somewhat tedious and time-consuming (especially if you are of shorter stature).

The Steps:

1. Look Up! The Door Frames

Grab a damp rag and wipe the top of every door frame. At our house, there is molding around each door. I wipe down the top of that exposed molding, and also the top of the actual door (you’ll obviously need to open the door to wipe this part down!) That top bit of molding can surprisingly accumulate a TON of dust! I was horrified the first time I cleaned these. I do this about 3-4 times a year, and they are dusty every time. Do this for EVERY door in your home. Eliminate the extra dust. (I mean really, you don’t need it!) I JUST went around and did this to my doors, and my paper towel was almost black with dust and dirt. (And I do this chore quarterly!)

*Don’t forget to do BOTH sides of the door frame!

2. Look Down! Floor Molding

floor, clean your molding

A lot of us may be frequent (or in my case obsessive) vacuumers. However, the area where the floor meets the molding can really accumulate a TON of  dust, hair, crumbs, etc! I noticed the accumulation of “gunk” around the floor molding when we first got our dog. I noticed a large build-up of pet hair at the base of the walls. Even now that our dog is gone, there is always a build-up of  food particles, hair, etc at the base of the walls. Things get easily trapped under the molding and vacuums don’t have the ability to get that close to the wall unless you use the hose. Today, that is what you’re going to do!

1. “Hose Down” the Floor!

Using your hose attachment, vacuum along the base of EACH wall in your home. (Yes, this is very tedious and time-consuming….but worth it! If you want proof, empty your vacuum canister before you start, and then see just how much junk you “suck up” during the process!) Methodically work your way through the house, vacuuming right at the base of the floor molding, where ordinary vacuuming just can’t reach.

*If you want to go above and beyond in today’s challenge, wipe down the top of the floor molding with a damp rag, much the same way you wiped down the door frames. Mine were pretty dusty, especially in certain rooms of the home!

Today’s challenge is long and somewhat boring, but definitely worth the effort, knowing that you got rid of so much hidden dirt and dust! Good job!!