I don’t know about you – but my kitchen always seems to be over-run with fruit flies this time of year. They’re EVERYWHERE – constantly swarming about our food. I’m not a fan.

Now, if you happen to love fruit flies – the rest of this post will offend you. If however, you find yourself sick of these tiny insects flying about your kitchen, read on!

I’ve tried multiple things over the years to trap and kill my fruit flies. I’ve tried the apple cider vinegar trick. I’ve put it in a jar. I’ve made a paper funnel  for them to fly down into. It didn’t work. I tried the dish soap trick. It didn’t work. Then, my amazing husband found a trick this morning, and we decided to give it a go. Worked like a charm!

kill fruit flies


cup or jar (*Don’t use a bowl! They can get a “taste” on the sides and get back out!)

warm water

dry active yeast


To Prepare

Put a few spoonfuls of the dry active yeast into your jar. Add a spoonful of sugar. The amounts don’t need to be precise. Add warm water. Allow the jar to sit on your counter in an area that is typically over-run with fruit flies.

Within minutes, you’ll start to see the flies coming to “take a drink.” Within a couple of hours, I probably had 50+ fruit flies in my jar of yeast.

*If I happened to walk by and noticed fruit flies on the sides of the jar, I would simply cover the top of the jar with my hand and “swish” the liquid, causing the flies to fall into the yeast water.

Hopefully this will work for you as well as it worked for us, and you’ll see a decrease of fruit flies in your kitchen!