Mark Van Doren said, “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” I want to share my heart, my passion for women’s issues, my all-out love of moms, and the insights I’ve gained from my interactions here at Chasing Supermom with YOU, and help guide you to new discoveries. It is my heart’s desire to share what I’ve learned and experienced with others. Facilitating learning, sparking interesting discussion, and helping people to construct their own meaning is something God has graciously allowed me to do. Teaching is a part of me, and I am thrilled that God has given me the passion and ability to bless others through speaking.

Towards that end, Chasing Supermom is launching a new ministry, and needs your help! As I’ve been thinking and praying about how to be a better steward of the sphere of influence God has given me through this blog, I’ve felt a strong calling to expand my speaking ministry. I have loved sharing with Bible studies, MOPS groups, training meetings, etc in the past, and feel as though I’m being led to speak on a broader scale. I am excited to share with you that I am now available for retreat and conference bookings, as well as continued availability for smaller events like moms groups, workshops, etc. My hope is that you will consider me for your next event, and that you will share my  name and contact information with your church leaders, women’s ministry leaders, event planners, conference leaders, etc. Help me reach more moms both regionally here in the NW, and across our country.

From  parenting, to truths found in the Word, to friendships with women, to ending the myth that is “Supermom” (and all the crazy pressure we feel trying to live up to that title), to stress and anxiety, and/or just about any other topic that aims to support and encourage moms/women, and/or whatever topic fits your needs, I am ready and open to developing something that will bless your group! Whether you need a speaker to develop four or five sessions for a weekend retreat, someone to teach a workshop on something more topical, or if you simply need a guest speaker for your Bible study or training event, I am here for you.

Speaker Bio

Ministry runs through my blood, and I’ve been blessed to be a part of church ministry for nearly 20 years. Growing up, my parents were active in youth ministry, and I began serving in children’s and youth ministry in the mid 90’s, and continued until 2003, when I married my husband David. During that time, I was able to regularly speak to the jr. high, high-school, and college groups, as well as speak at leadership training sessions for various ministries. I was able to obtain my degree in elementary education during this time, and served five years as a classroom teacher. Now, as a pastor’s wife, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to serve and minister to three different church bodies in the Pacific NW. I’ve been able to develop a couple’s ministry, serve on the women’s ministry board, co-lead several small groups, and speak with various moms groups.

I’ve always had a passion for speaking and ministering to people, but through my work with Chasing Supermom (and my own motherhood experience with four amazing little ones!), my heart has become devoted to helping and sharing with women. My mission statement is my heart’s desire…to change the world, one mom at a time. If I can offer a bit of encouragement, a principle or some practical application from God’s Word, or just some comedic relief and validation for the road-weary mother, I will. I will go. I will share. I will serve. I am here, and I am ready and willing to speak with you!