Welcome back!!! We haven’t had a new confessional in FOREVER, and I am so excited to share another mom’s confessions with you today.

It’s Sunday…a day we rest…take time to be with family…and a day we can find peace and solace in the knowledge that we are not the only mother who has a secret stash of Skittles in their sock drawer. Let’s get real…NO ONE has it all together…We all have grown so accustomed to putting up the front of the perfect mother, acting as though we’re auditioning for the role of June Cleaver…but inside, we’re just secretly praying that our child will stop singing I’m a Little Teapot so we don’t cut our own ears off. This crazy ride called motherhood has its ups and downs, and through it all, we TRY…try our best…do what we can…give what we have…but we’re human (and that is okay!) In The Confessional, we read through the confessions of a different parent each week, and see glimpses of our own life…realizing that the things we’re so embarrassed about…the things we’re ashamed to admit…the things we are certain none of our friends would ever do…are things that are a part of every mother’s life. We could all confess for days…So, settle in, grab your coffee and feel better about yourself…free yourself of your mothering guilt…You are exonerated my friend. (If you want to continue to feel great all morning, check out The Confessional Archives!) I am also looking to fill The Confessional for the summer, and am filling spots with brave mothers (and dads too!)

(If you would like to write a Confessional post for me, PLEASE let me know!! Click HERE to let me know when you’d like to confess!) Writing a post for The Confessional is easier than you may think…and oh so freeing! So many people come together on Sunday here at our little confessional and breathe sweet sighs of relief…Grab your iced tea, sit back, and prepare to release that crazy guilt we hold onto so tightly!  Ready to feel better about yourself? Here we go!

This week, we have Maria from Once Upon A Story! (Go check out her site!) She writes, “At Once Upon a Story, you’ll find book recommendations, reading strategies, and news from the world of children’s literature.” I enjoy reading her posts, and know you will too! You can also find Maria on Facebook and Twitter! I am so grateful each time a mother so bravely steps into The Confessional to let it all out…sharing her stories and helping to free other moms from the shame we so crazily carry around.

If you’re ready to feel better about yourself, read on!

Father forgive me….

1. When my husband is away on business, my 3 year old lives off of chicken nuggets and hot dogs. It’s too much work to cook dinner for myself and maybe her, if she’s in the mood to eat that night. Nutrition pretty much goes out the window for the time he’s gone.
2. Speaking of business trips, I kinda enjoy having the bed to myself on occasion. I have a queen- sized bed and a 6’2 spouse who likes to sprawl. Space is a little tight. I mean, I miss him, but you know…SPACE FOR ME!

3. My 5 month old has recently discovered he can navigate his way around the house by rolling. I’m pretty sure that my floors have never been cleaner. It’s like having a human lint brush.

4. Oh, my floors… how many times a day can you scrub baby puke out of the carpet when you have an infant with reflux? I used to get out the carpet cleaner every time. Now? Any nearby rag will do. We’ll deep-clean the carpets when it’s not a daily task.

5. Along those same lines… I never thought I’d be the mom who ran around town with spit up all over my shoulder. Now, I check to make sure I don’t smell too horrible, clean up as best as I can, and continue with my errands. As long as I’m having a good hair day, I figure I can get away with it.

6. Pre-kids, my husband and I enjoyed sampling local vineyards. We don’t get to do that very much anymore, but for Christmas I received a one-year Wine of the Month membership to help keep our house stocked for those days we need a little reward at the end of the day. Some days, I dream about the moment I can open that bottle…beginning at 8am.

7. It is not unheard of for it to take me 3 days to do laundry, not because there’s so much of it, but because I’m notoriously bad about forgetting I have a load in the wash. Until I open the door the next day to that nice, damp, musty smell. Which means I have to wash that load again. By the time I get it all done…3 more days of laundry has accumulated and it’s time to do it all again.

8. I think that it is absolutely impossible to bake without licking the batter spoon. And I happily plop my 3yo on the floor and let her lick to her heart’s content. Salmonella? Child obesity? Meh.

9. This habit of licking the batter spoon might have a little bit to do with the reason I gained and lost the same 10 lbs during the month of April. How long can I use the “baby weight” excuse?

10. This year for my 30th birthday/Mother’s Day, I asked for a weekend away, with a long-time friend, without husband or kids. I felt a little guilty as I headed down the road on Friday afternoon, but you know what? It. Was. AMAZING. Forget being Supermom. I think that should be an annual tradition.


Until next week my friends, you have been exonerated. Go and sin no more. Love ya!