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I think it’s safe to say that my kids are fort enthusiasts. If something in our house could potentially be turned into a fort – it has been. But – sometimes, it’s super nice to be able to use our couch cushions and kitchen table without having to ask the kids to tear down the structure they’ve worked so hard to create. Enter Make-A-Fort!

Make-A-Fort is an all-inclusive fort-building kit. Each kit comes with 18 panels, 10 braces, 80 connectors, and 1 carrying case. (Not to mention hours and hours of built-in fun!) Kids get to build their own unique fort creations -not once – but over and over again! The panels are super-durable made for reuse. AND – not only can kids build and create any number of different forts, mazes, tunnels, houses, etc – they can also customize the cardboard panels with their art. Make-A-Fort is STEAM in action!

These two could.not.wait. to open the box from Make-A-Fort and let the imaginative fort building begin!

And really, that’s what it’s all about. Imagination. Creativity. Make-A-Fort sets your child’s creativity loose and gives them the freedom to build and re-build, experimenting with different configurations to their heart’s content. While the kit comes with several pictures of things you can build with your kit(s), your child’s imagination is really the only limit. It was SO much fun to watch my kids come up with design after design after design.

I LOVE the problem-solving and open-ended nature of this product. It was incredible to watch my kids progress on the learning curve. As my kids worked to become familiar with the product, they began with a simple build.

But – they didn’t stop there. They teamed up (yay for true cooperative play!) and came up with a new and much more complex design. On their own, they worked to construct a variety of new fort designs – truly putting those oh-so-important STEAM skills to work.

When I asked my daughter what she liked about Make-A-Fort, she said, “Sometimes you just need to try new things. It’s exciting to try new things.” And my kids just kept trying! We’ve had Make-A-Fort out of the box for a little over a week, and there has been a NEW fort creation set up in the playroom each and every day.

And let me tell you – Make-A-Fort is built to last! We’ve had different types of cardboard playhouses in the past that essentially broke or became damaged whenever you’d try to take them down – essentially meaning they had to stay up….all the time. (No bueno.) So, imagine my total delight when we discovered just how EASY it is to put Make-A-Fort away! And because the cardboard panels and braces are SO incredibly sturdy, they don’t become damaged during take-down. These panels can handle your kiddo! (And they can handle them over and over and over again!) I love that when the kids are done playing for the day, their fort creations can easily be taken down and stored away in the included storage case. Easy for them. Easy for me. Win win.

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I highly encourage you to check out Make-A-Fort and give the gift of creative STEAM play to a child you love!

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