People have crazy ideas about me. They think that having a website somehow magically makes me a better mom. People have said I’m intimidating. I say,  “Well, you must not really know me!” Like everyone else, I’m flawed. I’m human. I’m doing the best I can. Some days, my best means handing the kids my ipad so I can just have some peace and quiet! We as moms do what we have to do to get by…to keep our head above water…to meet the millions of needs we are required to meet on a daily basis. It’s a tough job…yes…even for me! I take all kinds of short-cuts and have lots of “mom secrets.” I started The Confessional back in late 2010, because I KNEW that except for a BREAK, the things moms need most are encouragement and validation. We need to know that NO ONE has it all together. Even the bloggers that take the time to write-up posts about their perfect organizational system or the 95 science experiments using baking soda….they have problems too. I promise.

Today, I am taking another turn (I tell ya, I could this every week…) in The Confessional. At its onset, I never had trouble finding people to confess. People would email me to volunteer. Now, my inbox is empty….I think women like to hide behind the facade that they are indeed that perfect mom…BUT, I will tell you how much freedom there is in just letting it go…Admitting that we’re imperfect is liberating. My hope today is that you’ll read my list, nod along, and say, “Oh thank God! Chasing Supermom does that too!” I also hope that you will be inspired to confess, and help other mothers find that sweet breath of relief. Contact me if you’re interested.

Ready to feel better? Here we go!

Father forgive me…

1. I once found a lime green metal hair clip, while changing my daughter’s diaper. I didn’t even know she had swallowed one.

2. I know they say the sound of children laughing is the most wondrous sound on earth….Well, sometimes…I wish my kids would just laugh “on the inside” instead. Seriously.

3. The other day, I saw a woman from church that I perceive to be prettier/skinnier than me just mowing down on a huge fast food burger….and that made me extremely happy.

4. Not unlike the last post, we were once at the home of a friend that I perceived to be super clean/always had the perfect house, etc. I had to go upstairs to get my child to leave, and noticed the door of her bedroom was open. The giant mess that was inside, made me practically overjoyed. She was human, just like me.

5. I have an unnatural addiction to ridiculous reality shows on Bravo and TLC. I can probably tell you the names of the various stylists on Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, and know immediately what the quick-fire challenge is on every past episode of Top Chef. And, even though I  KNOW I shouldn’t be watching it…I find Toddlers and Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo to be somewhat like a traffic accident…you just can’t help but look…

6. I get genuinely perturbed when my kids want one of “my” snacks. I try to talk them out of it…”Do you REALLY want the Sun Chips? Wouldn’t you MUCH rather have some fruit snacks???”  Sometimes, I’ll be eating something I don’t want them to know we have, so I’ll quickly cover up my plate with a throw pillow or dish towel if they come in the room. (Mama doesn’t want to share her fudge mint grahams….)

7. My kids watch too much tv. I know this because they have all of the “kid infomercials” memorized, and I now get asked to purchase ridiculous things like, “CuddleUppets”, “Slushy Magic,” and “Stuffies.” Oh joy.

8. Sometimes, I have my kids go to bed wearing their clothes, just so I don’t have to worry about dressing them in the morning. (And, it’s less laundry.)

9. I could marry Clorox Wipes. Anything that lets me clean my bathroom in all of thirty seconds is a wonder from above.


Hope to welcome YOU into The Confessional soon!! Until next week, you have been exonerated. Go and sin no more.