Plan your projects, pursue your dreams, SEIZE THE YEAR! Grab the 2013 NeuYear calendar and start organizing your year…your life…your dreams…plan big or go home!

I am a HUGE planner, and absolutely LOVE all things organizational. I was beyond stoked to check out the NeuYear calendar! I just about flung my old calendar off the fridge so I could get my new calendar up and running.The squares are big, and allow me to plan the lives of all six of us, as well as map out some of my blogging goals, set my writing deadlines, keep our family business on track, meal plan, and more!

Choose between dry-erase or uncoated. Both styles are just $30! (You can save 30% by using the code “ChasingSuperMom”) You can also choose between horizontal or flip the calendar over for vertical!

Seeing the full year at once allows you to truly plan out not only your family activities, vacations, school schedules, etc, but gives you the option of visually mapping out your goals. Think up a few projects, set some deadlines, and get to work!

I love seeing no gaps between the months. The masterminds behind NeuYear are absolutely right on. We think in terms of weeks…not years, so it only makes sense to think about our year in terms of 52 weeks, rather than 12 months.

It’s stylish. Gone are the cutesy-pie characters and cartoon animals of your grandmother’s calendar. Focus on what is relevant…getting stuff done! The makers of this innovative calendar deem it the “moleskine” of calendars! It’s high-quality and pretty darn awesome.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Plan on picking up a NeuYear calendar for the coming year! Get one HERE!

Check this video out to learn more! (You can’t help but love these guys, and want them to succeed!)


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