I don’t know about you, but I have what I like to call a “reluctant eater.” This child is a grazer by nature, and breakfast seems an especially difficult meal for him to sit down and eat. Tired of buying expensive drink mixes and protein bars, I knew I had to come up with a handful of healthy breakfasts that my little guy would willingly eat.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was hospitalized for dehydration. I was put on a liquid diet, and I remember longing for one particular item on the hospital’s breakfast menu. (Don’t run away…I know you may be going “hospital food?” Trust me..) There was a Breakfast Banana Split on the menu that sounded just divine. As I was thinking about Henry and his reluctance to eat in the morning, this little gem of an idea came to mind.

I LOVE the flexibility of this meal. You can use just about anything you have on hand in this dish, and tailor it to your child’s specific likes.


Banana Breakfast Split

1. Start with a banana. Banana slices are easier for my kids to eat, so I go ahead and chop it up. You can cut your banana lengthwise if you want to make it look a bit more like the “ice cream” version.

2. Top with any flavor of yogurt. (*Pictured is Mixed Berry)

3. Now you can really use your creativity. Top with fresh fruits, granola, chopped nuts, coconut flakes….the sky is the limit.

4. Finish with just a small dollop of whipped cream. This really ups the “wow factor” of this breakfast split, and will send your reluctant eater running to the table.

You can quickly and easily tailor make these for each of your kids in the morning. Top one with strawberry yogurt, sliced strawberries, and a sprinkle of Cheerios. Top another with vanilla yogurt and granola. My son likes Mixed Berry yogurt and blueberries. You can’t go wrong!

Your reluctant eater is happy to come to the table, and is walking away with a belly full of fruit and low-fat dairy! Win-win.

I hope you and your kids enjoy this Good Morning Banana Breakfast Split!