This post is part of a sponsored campaign with The Allstate Foundation and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It affects more women than breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and lung cancer combined. It affects one in four women at some point in their lifetime. And many of us would say that we have no idea how to help a victim. What am I talking about? Domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a hard subject to talk about, but our friends at The Allstate Foundation are opening the door for conversation and helping raise awareness during the month of October – Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Allstate Foundation has started the Purple Purse campaign. The Purple Purse, The Allstate Foundation’s symbol for domestic violence, represents a woman’s way to escape the cycle of abuse by gaining financial independence. In its third year, the Purple Purse campaign has pledged to donate up to $350,000 to the YWCA. The YWCA has programs designed specifically to assist the survivors of domestic violence as well as other women in need.

 “How can I help?” you may be asking. Great question! The Allstate Foundation sent out more than 1,000 purple purses carrying information about domestic violence. These purses were sent out all over the country, and will be passed between neighbors, co-workers, and friends. Each time a purse is passed, a conversation is started and awareness is raised. For every purple purse passed during October, The Allstate Foundation will donate $5 to the YWCA.

“But what if I am not passed a purple purse?” Again, great question! You can pass a virtual purple purse by logging onto or  Each time a virtual purple purse is shared or re-shared, The Allstate Foundation will make a $5 donation to YWCA.

Here is where YOU can help! You can earn $5 for the YWCA in just a few seconds!!

Head to and enter the purse code: 01356

Let’s see how far around the country we can get this purse to go! I’d love for my Chasing Supermom readers to help raise $100+ for the YWCA! Let’s do it!  Pass the purse and help put an end to domestic violence! I passed the purse. Will you?