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This morning as the snow started to fall, I started to sniffle. I came downstairs, needing to blow my nose. I started to reach for a napkin from the kitchen table – and remembered we had something SO much better – Scotties Facial Tissues!

It’s that time of year. The soundtrack of the season is sniffles, sneezes, and resounding “ah-choos!” When our families are sick and that seasonal cold is here to stay, we need a facial tissue we can trust. We need Scotties. In our family of 6, 2/3 of us need tissues right now. And when it comes to my kittensfamily, especially the delicate skin of my children, I only want the best. I want a soft tissue that won’t cause redness, pain, or that “raw” feeling that can come with excessive nose-blowing.

I asked my kids today to tell me what they thought of Scotties Facial Tissues. Their answers were the same: “Soft!” My daughter also said she liked the way they made her face feel warm. =) A nice tissue is comforting – something that’s needed when you’re sick, sad, or suffering. Scotties are “as soft as a kitten” and ready to get you through cold and flu season as comfortably as possible.

There are a ton of great promotions going on through Scotties right now! You’ll definitely want to check out the Scotties website for all the information and details!

cough-cold-packYou can enter to win 1 of 500 Cough and Cold Survival Packs! Enter HERE. Your child can also check out the Scotties Trees Rock! Contest. Kids can enter a 3 minute video about why trees rock, and they could win a fantastic tree-planting experience for their school. Get all the info HERE.


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This holiday season, don’t reach for any tissue. Don’t let your family use toilet paper, kitchen napkins, or a store-brand tissue that will leave your face feeling red and raw. Reach for Scotties Facial Tissue and let the kitteny soft tissue bring you comfort.