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I have been trying to kick my soda addiction for years. One of the only things that has ever worked for me is sparkling water. The carbonation helps me feel like I’m drinking another pop, when in reality,  I’m drinking Arrowhead® Brand Sparkling Spring Water – a natural spring water with no calories, no sweeteners, and no sugar! This refreshing alternative to soda makes changing your habits a bit easier.

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Arrowhead Sparkling Spring Water

Just look at those bubbles! You’ll love the bubbles and the light crisp taste. You can find Arrowhead Brand Sparkling Spring Water in a variety of flavors. We’ve tried the Cucumber Melon and Black Cherry flavors. Both flavors were refreshing and thirst-quenching.  I  can’t wait to try Lemon next!

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Arrowhead Sparkling Spring Water

Not only is this awesome beverage a good choice for me, I can also feel good about giving it to my family! So many beverages are full of empty calories and SO much sugar! And get this- replacing just ONE can of soda a day for a sparkling water can reduce your sugar consumption by 65 cups!!! (That’s a lot of sugar!) This is an easy swap that keeps my family on track.

A refreshing beverage, a great book, and a beautiful evening – what more do you need?

A great book, a beautiful evening, and a delicious sparkling water – what could be better? Arrowhead Brand Sparkling Spring Water just fits into my life. I’m making the switch and taking the #7DaysofSparkling Challenge. I’m switching out one soda a day for a tasty (and much healthier!) sparkling water! Find out more about the challenge, the sparkling water, and more by visiting https://www.arrowheadwater.com/7-days-of-sparkling/.

I hope you’ll consider taking the #7DaysOfSparkling Challenge and see how Arrowhead Sparkling Spring Water can help kickstart a healthy habit for you!

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