Back when I started the blog (nearly 6 years ago!), I had a popular weekly feature called The Confessional. Each Sunday, myself or a guest blogger would drop the “I have it all together” facade we try so hard to project- and just get REAL.

We’re all so used to sharing our “highlight reel” on social media – carefully crafting our image, sharing only the best parts of ourselves. We share the pictures of our kids smiling in their perfectly matched outfits -but don’t mention that its the first time their hair has been brushed all week or what a triumph it is that they’re not still wearing pj’s at 11am. We scoot the mess out of the way before we snap the picture, we mom-brag about the homemade rolls and roast, and let everyone believe that we live in a magical world where kids never spill, toys are always put away, and where we never make Rice-a-Roni or plain old spaghetti for dinner.

But ladies, we are not perfect. And this mom thing? It’s tough – tougher than some of us want to admit sometimes. I want you to know that you are not the only one who struggles, uses mom hacks, or counts down the minutes until bedtime starting at about 10:37am. I’m hoping to start a vulnerability revolution and give moms the freedom to just be real. It’s okay to be flawed. It’s okay to be human.

So grab some coffee, sit back & relax, and get ready to feel better about yourself. You are NOT alone. Here we go!

Father forgive me….

*Even though I’ve gotten incredibly talented at tuning out the noise that comes along with four children, I often daydream about having noise-canceling headphones. I physically ache for silence sometimes.


*Recently, during a period of rougher behavior from the kids, my husband took away their Wii. He then proceeded to tell the kids that they were going to lose the tv too. My eyes grew wide in horror. After the kids went to bed (gotta keep up that united front!), I begged him not to take away their tv privileges – as sometimes that half hour of them watching The Thundermans is all that keeps me sane.


*I genuinely get excited about the moment at the end of the day that I get to take my bra off. It’s an even better moment if I go put sweatpants on.


*Speaking of bras…At our Walmart, the ladies clothing department is adjacent to the grocery aisles. As we were picking up a few groceries, there happened to be a display of bikini tops out. As we were walking by, my four year old (in an incredibly loud voice) said, “Hey! Look at all those boo-boo glasses!”


*I have a basket of about 150 unmatched socks in my laundry room. (Not even exaggerating.) We have had some of those socks in that basket for at least 4 years. Do I know we will NEVER find their match? Yes. Will I ever do something cute and Pinteresty with the socks? Heck no. Can I find it in my heart to get rid of them? Of course not. I just need to tell the dumb voice in my head saying “But, what if it turns up???” to worry about where on earth all of our spoons go instead. (Seriously though – where are all of our spoons?!?!)



*My husband and I were driving home from a little weekend getaway. I knew a Dairy Queen was coming up and started thinking about ice cream. (Of course, I never said anything about ice cream or wanting to stop at DQ to my husband.) We kept driving and when the DQ came up, he kept driving. I started to get mad. About 10 miles past the DQ, he asked me if something was wrong. I of course blew up and let him know how mad at him I was for not stopping for ice cream. When he said he would have happily stopped if he had known I wanted ice cream, I so very rationally responded, “You were supposed to just know.” (I am learning to be direct and ask for what I want. He’s not a mind reader!)


*On many days, the 15 minutes before my husband is about to get home is when the majority of our housecleaning happens. A lot of times this is when I also do my hair.

Need more confirmation that you’re “not the only one?” Browse through The Confessional Archives.  If YOU would like to “confess” please contact me, and we’ll get you on the schedule. (It’s extremely freeing. Carrying around that burden of false perfection is exhausting!)

Until next time my friends, you have been exonerated. Have a great week everybody.