*This post is brought to you in partnership with Academics’ Choice. I received free product to facilitate my review. Opinions are my own. 

Kids love animals. They love reading about them, spending time with them, and discovering new facts and information about them. World of Animals: What’s It Called? allows kids to learn about animals in a fun and exciting way. In this app, kids learn through an engaging and interactive game – full of animal sounds, cute graphics, and lots of interesting information.

As a former educator turned homeschooling parent, I LOVE that this app encourages cross-curricular learning! Not only are kids learning animal facts, they are also gaining valuable literacy skills. 

In each scene, kids will find a variety of animals. In addition to sharing a “fun fact” about each animal, kids have the opportunity to find out “what it’s called.” The narrator will read four choices, highlighting each word as it is read. (Hooray for modeling of fluent reading!) Kids hear the written words, see the words, and have the chance to select the correct words – providing opportunities for them to create meaning, build fluency, grow their vocabulary, reinforce spelling, and practice matching sounds they hear to written words. So many layers of learning are happening!

In addition to discovering the correct word/spelling for each animal, kids will also have the chance to figure out what the male and female are called, what a group of the animal is called, and what the baby is called. (I didn’t know some of the answers! Did you know a group of rabbits is called a warren?!)

Kids can also tap on any of the animals characters to hear animal sounds, and can move the animals around in the scene. Stars can be earned for completing the questions for each animal.

You can download World of Animals: What’s It Called? in iTunes. I love that this app is free to download and contains two free scenes – Jungle and Pets. The remaining 10 scenes can be purchased/unlocked in-app.

I encourage you to download the game and let your little animal explorers discover some fun animal facts! My preschooler and kindergartner enjoyed the game, and I think it is ideally suited for kids 4-6. Have fun learning about animals!