Two of my favorite things in the world are books and road-trips! What could be better than a book about a road-trip?! I’ve compiled a quick list of some of my picks for the best books about road trips for kids. Check it out and have a great trip!

Happy road-tripping and happy reading!

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Arthur’s Family Vacation

I just love Arthur. This is a good choice for kids who may be reluctant about taking a family vacation (spending time without friends), and has a great little lesson about making the best of a bad situation.


Go Go America by Dan Yaccarino

This is a MUST for kids who can’t get enough of fact books. (Mine are on a HUGE fact-book kick right now!) This book doesn’t cover the boring basics though – look for out-of-the-ordinary and funny facts. (Do you know where the earmuff capital of the world is? I do!)


Road Trip by Roger Eschbacher

This is a sweet little book told in a series of short rhymes. It pretty closely mirrors a typical family road-trip from backseat shenanigans to truck stops to awesome family time – this is a must for your road-trip collection.


The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Car Trip

I love the Berenstain Bears – especially the way they always manage to tie a great moral into every story. Brother and Sister aren’t sure about taking a road trip – but learn to appreciate the time with their parents and the opportunity to explore Bear Country.


Are We There Yet? By Dan Santat

This book looks at boredom in a new way – and may help kids to use their imagination when the car ride seems never-ending. A super-cute and unique picture book. Kids will love it!

LaRue Across America: Postcards From the Vacation by Mark Teague

Just as fantastic as Dear Mrs. LaRue – LaRue Across America is not only a great story – the illustrations carry so much meaning! There is so much going on on every page! Mrs. LaRue and Ike volunteer to take the neighbor’s cats on a road-trip and hilarity ensues!


Amelia’s Are-We-There-Yet Longest Ever Car Trip by Marissa Moss

Older kids are going to love this journal-style book. Looking just like a spiral notebook filled with the doodles, musings, and journal entries of a girl stuck in a car with her family on a road-trip -kids will find this relatable and perhaps be inspired to create their own travel journal.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul by Jeff Kinney

My kids can’t get enough of these books – and in The Long Haul, Greg’s family is packing up and hitting the road! This is a great choice for your upper elementary kiddos.


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