Every year on the first day of school, each of my children find a book waiting for them on the breakfast table. Their book nearly always has something to do with the grade they are beginning. They love it.

It was incredibly easy to find books about kindergarten. I’d spent three years teaching kindergarten, and had built up quite a collection for my classroom.  There are SO many great titles about starting kindergarten. Several years ago, I wrote a post sharing my 25 favorites. If you have a kiddo ready to start kindergarten this fall, I highly encourage you to check it out!

25 Books About Kindergarten
kindergarten books

As my kids got older, it became more challenging to find titles related to grade level. When you google “Books About Third Grade” you get results for books that are recommended for third grade readers. I wanted to find books ABOUT each grade featuring characters IN that grade! I’ve had to do some digging and some research, but over the years, I’ve had some incredible finds, and wanted to share them with you. I’ve organized my lists by grade level.

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First Grade Books: 


Second Grade Books:


Third Grade Books:


Fourth Grade Books:


Fifth Grade Books:


Sixth Grade Books:

Have a great school year and happy reading everyone!!

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