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In my opinion, books make the best present, and to a child, personalized books are even better! When a child sees his/her name in print, they feel special and important. A personalized book is also a fantastic way to engage a more reluctant reader. I don’t know many children who could turn down the opportunity to read a story all about themselves! A Kabook! storybook just may be the book they’ll never want to put down!

Kabook! is the only company that enables families to co-create bespoke books that customize a child’s name and other text,  and allow parents to download and digitally integrate the child’s photo(s) into the stories.

This process allows your child to be the hero in the illustrated story! The unique technology platform utilized by Kabook! seamlessly transforms user-uploaded photos into illustrations that look and feel like part of the story!

We found the creation process to be quick, easy, and fun! We loved getting to enter all of my daughter’s favorite things during the creation process – and then see them appear in her completed book!


For the holiday season, Kabook! is offering the choice of four beautifully written and illustrated stories that can
be delivered as softcover or hardcover books, including:

o Wanted: The Girl/Boy Who Saved the Kingdom 

Armies of frogs have invaded a nearby magical kingdom, and only your child can save it! 

o We Hope You Remember

 A powerful ode to family love, featuring 15 of your child’s baby photos.

o Hornswoggled!

A pirate crew has found a mysterious treasure map, but only your child can help them solve the riddles and unveil the treasure!

o The List

 Santa’s List is missing a page!: Your child’s page on The List (Naughty or Nice) was accidentally shredded, so the elves are trying to put the page back together in time for the holidays!


Harper chose to co-create Wanted: The Girl Who Saved the Kingdom. She was SO excited to create the book and could not wait to get it in the mail! We answered questions, uploaded our selected photo, and placed our order. Easy-peasy! Co-creation can take anywhere from 1-45 minutes. Kabook! offers parents a choice – allowing them to either create a book quickly and conveniently, OR co-create a book with your child – posing for the various photos needed in the book. (If you’re excited about the idea of working with your child to pose for book pictures, you may want to check out the Hornswoggled storybook!)Think of how much fun you’ll have if you choose to create a book together! You’re not just creating a book…you’re creating a memory!

Harper LOVED seeing her face, name, and interests in print! She said the book made her feel happy and excited. As I was reading her completed Kabook! storybook to her for the first time, I snuck a quick selfie. Her face pretty much says it all. Just look at her reaction! She LOVED her personalized book!! (This was right after the book had mentioned her favorite plush by name!)

Kabook! stories start at just $24.99. BUT, my readers are going to SAVE an extra 20% off your order by using code: HOLIDAY20 at checkout! Head over to right now to start creating your very own personalized storybook starring YOUR child! (They’ll love it!)

A Kabook! storybook will make a TERRIFIC holiday gift, but you need to act fast! You must order by December 5th to ensure your book arrives in time for the holidays! 

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