This post is written in partnership with Rescue Guard. I received free product to facilitate my post. Opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links. 

When I first heard about the emergency kits from Rescue Guard, I thought, “Wow. I hope I never have to use one of those.” The thing is, no one ever wants to have to rely on emergency supplies for survival. But if the worst happens, I want to make sure my family is prepared.

Instinctually, we know stocking up and making preparations is the right thing to do. It’s why we raid the grocery stores when we know a storm is coming, and why we keep our flashlights and extra batteries close by during wind storms. We want to be ready – and we need to be ready.

Rescue Guard has made storm preparation easy. The Rescue Guard Hurricane or Earthquake Emergency kits are great for a few reasons. First- they’re inclusive. You don’t need to go hunting around the house or from store to store for needed supplies. Everything is right there. Secondly, the kits contain some items you may not think about – like flint, masks, whistle, rain ponchos, duct tape, etc. They thought of everything for you. Thirdly, this is a great “go bag.” If for some reason, we need to flee our home due to some type of natural disaster, we can grab the backpack and have what we need to get by for a few days.

Another application for the kits that keeps coming to mind is that this would be a phenomenal thing to keep in the trunk of your car. Here in the Pacific NW, we constantly hear about couples or families who wanted to take a drive through the forest/mountains and got lost. If you should get stranded in your vehicle without cell service, these handy backpacks full of supplies could save your life. (The Basic Survival Pack would be wonderful for hikers!)


Rescue Guard has three options to choose from. All three kits can be purchased on Amazon. Click to get your Rescue Guard Survival Pack on Amazon. 

  • Basic Survival Pack- $49.95
  • Intermediate Survival Pack – $99.95
  • Advanced Survival Pack – $169.95

Rescue Guard Basic Survival Kit
This kit contains the necessary food and water with a 61-piece First Aid kit and shelter items for up to 6 days for a single person or 72 hours for 2 people.

Rescue Guard Intermediate Survival Kit –
This kit contains food, water, and all the supplies needed including a 61-piece First Aid kit for up to 12 days for a single person or 6 days for 2 people or 72 hours for 4 people.

Rescue Guard Advance Survival Kit –
This kit includes everything from the Intermediate Survival Kit  plus a survival knife, ax, lantern, gloves, plus several more survival tools.

We received the Rescue Guard Intermediate Survival Kit. Here is a picture of everything that came in our backpack:

Like I said, my sincere hope is that this backpack will sit in our downstairs closet, completely unused. BUT, I sleep a little easier knowing that we’re that much more prepared should something happen. Are you prepared? If not, I highly encourage you to head over to Amazon and choose the Rescue Guard Hurricane and Earthquake Survival Kit that is right for you.