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We had SO much fun opening the Planes and Road Trip themed Sago Mini Boxes, that we couldn’t wait to see what was inside our third box. We opened our box to discover….Fairy Tales!

While we loved each Sago Mini Box we received, the Fairy Tales box was far and away our favorite.

As a teacher turned homeschooling parent, I LOVED the emphasis on story-telling in this box. Each and every activity in this perfectly curated box of activities encouraged and inspired creative story-telling.

The first activity in the box is the bag of Magic Story Beans. These were wonderful -and made an appearance in our homeschooling! Kids choose a magic bean out of the seed packet and discover a picture to be used as a story starter. Draw another bean and use that picture to continue your story. See how it twists and turns. Adapt. Change. Invent a new ending. SO much fun!

Since my kids are a bit older than the recommended age for the Sago Mini Boxes, we used the Magic Story Beans in a writing activity. I had each of my kids choose 2 or 3 Magic Story Beans from the seed packet. They then had to write a story that included each of the items/characters/elements they drew.

The box also included an absolutely ADORABLE Fairy Jinja Finger Puppet Theater, complete with lots of fun props. The kids thought this was an absolute blast. And as with every Sago Mini Box, the box itself transformed into something to use and play with. The box folds into this adorable puppet theater! No waste. Eco-friendly AND fun!

I loved seeing the kids’ stories come to life – and loved the crossover between the pictures on the Magic Story Beans and the props that were included with the Finger Puppet Theater. This really allowed the kids to fully engage in storytelling – not only coming up with a story, but acting it out as well.

This box also included a Wizard Hat and Magic Wand. The kids loved getting to decorate the hat and wand and pretend they were a fairy or a wizard. 

As a bonus, the kit also included a set of stickers that can be used to decorate a small pot to create a Gnome Home. My daughter can’t wait to do this.

What I love most about the Sago Mini Boxes, is the way they inspire pretend/imaginative play. No screens. No sound effects. Pure creative play fueled only by a child’s imagination. It’s childhood at its best.

After the kids were done exploring the Fairy Tales box, they went and got some of the pieces from the other two Sago Mini Boxes we had played with – and used them together! It was so  much fun to watch the kids set up their own little imaginative world.

This entire box of  fun mailed directly to your home will only cost you $19 if you choose to purchase your boxes on a monthly basis. However, if you want the fun to continue year-round, you can pay annually and save! Boxes are just $15 per month with an annual subscription. (Believe me, these expertly curated boxes are worth it!)

If you have a child in your life, I highly encourage you to find out more about Sago Mini Box.  To find out more, please visit http://www.sagominibox.com. 

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