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Coding. Computer Science. STEAM. These are serious buzzwords in the education world. But if you’re anything like me, you may feel a bit at a loss as a parent or an educator. I want to encourage my kids to investigate the world of coding and computer science – but have pretty limited personal knowledge. Enter beanz Magazine!

Beanz Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine published 6 times a year that explores computer science and software programming. And honestly, it’s not just for kids! Parents, teachers, and adults who want to learn, explore, and have FUN with different technologies will enjoy beanz! There is so much to be said for learning alongside your child – growing together as you research and explore new skills and areas of interest.

The magazine covers an array of topics and has a variety of core sections including Programming, Projects (a fave with my boys)Best Practices, Concepts, Electronics, History, and more.

As a parent, I love it when my kids have their curiosity and interest piqued. It’s fun to watch them discover something new – especially ideas and concepts that require thought and mindful participation. As kids dig into the topics and ideas presented in each issue of beanz Magazine, you’ll find that they’re not only engaging in critical thinking – but using loads of math and science, as well as reasoning.

While many of the articles in beanz Magazine are geared specifically towards coding, kids and parents who may not be ready to delve into that world will find plenty of other articles of interest. (I particularly loved the History section – where I learned about the history of 3D, virtual reality, and Deep Blue, an AI Chess Program created by IBM.)There are also puzzles, ideas for hands-on projects (ie – Minecraft-ing with paper), and STEM-heavy art ideas, such as creating Fibonacci Flowers.

I LOVE companies that are passionate about helping kids learn, and the folks at beanz Magazine not only offer a FANTASTIC magazine for kids and families – but they also offer a host of incredible resources that are often hard to find. If your child is interested in coding or computer science, I highly encourage you to check out the beanz Magazine Resources Tab.

This is NOT your average magazine for kids – in the best way. I highly encourage teachers, parents, and homeschooling families to consider purchasing a subscription for a child in their life. (My kids have received several magazine subscriptions as gifts over the years – and they always end up being one of their favorite gifts. Who doesn’t love fun mail?!)

Interested? You can download a sample issue! (How cool is that?!)

If you’re ready to order, subscriptions are $29.99 a year for the print/online combo or $15.00 for online only. Click HERE to subscribe.


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