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When my son was three years old, we began to have some concerns about his speech development. He was less talkative than our older children were at his age, and what he did say was harder to understand. However, when we spoke to our pediatrician, we were told he was “borderline.” What that meant for us was that yes, he had speech issues – but not enough of an issue to qualify for speech therapy. We weren’t quite sure how to help him or what to do. And I know we weren’t alone.

Speech Blubs would have been a PHENOMENAL resource for him to use! (He seriously would have loved it!) As I’ve been using the app independently and with my 8 year old daughter, I keep wishing that we’d had access to this resource when my son was younger. Speech Blubs would have been an ideal tool for my preschooler who struggled with his speech development. (But, at least I get to spread the word about it now for all of you!)

Speech Blubs is a fantastic option for parents who either have a child with mild speech deficits/areas of concern OR parents who simply want to give their younger kiddo a boost in communication skills.

What is Speech Blubs?

Speech Blubs is a language app designed for children ages 1-8 to help them speak better, sooner, and with more confidence. (*While the app is recommended for kids up to 8, I think younger children will find Speech Blubs more enjoyable.)

When you initially create your account, parents can choose to complete a simple Q & A about your child and his/her preferences AND abilities. This will help your child get the most out of the app as well as provide a general baseline for parents about potential speech issues your child may have (as well as tips and tricks!)

Next it’s time to play! (The app truly makes speech therapy exercises feel like playtime!) Your child first selects a topic – things like Animal Kingdom, Yummy Time, or Ride Your Wheels.

Your child will then encounter a word from that topic. They will see and hear another child correctly pronouncing the word. (Having that peer model to imitate is so important! I so appreciated that the app didn’t just give a sound model of the word – but a visual model as well. For many children, seeing the way you hold/move your mouth when you speak is critical!)

Have some fun using a photo filter related to the target word! The photo filters were a BIG hit with my 8 year old.

Next, your child will have the opportunity to say the word. The app is voice-activated, recognizing when your child is speaking.

Speech Blubs refers to this process as Observe. Role-Play. Speak!

The app keeps the speech practice fun and engaging by peppering in things like the photo filters, stories and/or fun facts relating to the word, as well as mini games. And, with more than 1,500 speech therapist approved activities – your child can play (and practice speech!) without getting bored.

In addition to practicing and learning words through the observe, role-play, speak method, the app also contains several more complex activities that involve building sentences, singing, and solving simple riddles. These varying activities  help to keep the app fresh and interesting while still providing meaningful speech therapy practice.

Speech Blubs features monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscription options. However, if you sign up for a one year plan, you have 7 days to try Speech Blubs for FREE! (If you decide the app doesn’t work for you, simply cancel before the 7 day trial is over. Find all the details about the free trial HERE.)

You can download Speech Blubs in the Apple App Store or get it on Google Play.

Visit https://speechblubs.com/ to learn more.

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