This post is written in partnership with Wipeout Dry Erase Protective Gear. I received free products to facilitate my post. Opinions are 100% my own.

Normally, when I would ask any one of my children to put on their helmet before heading out to ride their bike/scooter etc – I’m met with nothing but groans. Then one day several years ago, we found Wipeout™ Dry Erase Helmets, and the game changed. Kids who used to rail against safety, were now clamoring to put on not only their helmets – but pads too! Why? Creativity changes everything.

When your child gets the opportunity to personalize their gear, they not only get a fun creative outlet – they become invested in it. What was once an obligation done to keep mom happy, is now something they look forward to. Harry couldn’t wait to put on (and show off!) his helmet. Wipeout literally makes safety cool. (Kids also are prone to take better care of things they helped create!)

Each product you purchase from the website comes with a set of dry erase markers to help your child make their safety gear their own. Better yet? Every helmet (standard or snow) and every skateboard, also comes with a set of stencils. (My son loves these!)

Now we’ve been fans of Wipeout™ Dry Erase Protective Gear for over four years – but Wipeout™ has upped their game. Now in addition to offering their incredible helmets and pads, Wipeout™ has Dry Erase Skateboards!!! (And of course, they come with dry-erase markers and stencils too!)

There are three different skateboard themes/deck colors to choose from: Lightning Bolt (Blue Deck), Monsters (Pink Deck), and Rainbow (Black Deck). You can check out all three by visiting (They’re all SUPER cool. Your kiddos are going to love the bright colors and fun designs!)

Harry was THRILLED with his Lightning Bolt Wipeout™ Dry Erase Skateboard and loved putting his own creative spin on the bottom of the board. And, since Harry is a beginner when it comes to skateboarding, having the protective gear in place (especially the pads!) helped him feel more comfortable and confident on his board.

He was ready to up his own game and try out some tricks in no time. And better yet? I didn’t have to worry – because I knew his gear would keep him safe.

And let me tell you – these pads are a MUST. The day before we got our new gear, my fun-loving yet slightly accident-prone daughter was scootering down our fairly steep hill. It didn’t end well. Nothing but scraped hands and knees. So, when she discovered the Multi-Sport Wristguards (that come in the Wipeout™ Dry Erase Pads along with Knee Pads and Elbow Pads) she could hardly believe it. She couldn’t believe that she could ride her scooter and bike (and perhaps her brother’s new skateboard) without having to worry about her hands getting scraped!!

With more sunshine on the way in the Pacific Northwest we can’t wait to keep getting outside. And I’m excited to know my kids have another fun and SAFE activity to keep them busy, active, and better yet – away from screens! Harry is going to have an awesome summer learning how to skateboard without fear of getting scraped up.

Head to and check out their fantastic Dry Erase Skateboards and Protective Gear! They have a great deal going! Get 25% OFF and FREE SHIPPING when you buy Skateboard + Helmet + Pads!! (Totally worth it, and your kid will love you for it! This would also make a phenomenal and unique gift!)

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