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My youngest son has always been a huge RC fan. And over the years, we’ve purchased and been given a wide variety of different RC vehicles, ranging in styles, sizes, and price points. Without a doubt, Bezgar stands head and shoulders (fender and bumper?) above the rest.

My son literally could not stop saying the word, “Wow!” It’s no surprise, as Bezgar definitely has a WOW factor. Over and over he marveled at the quality, the speed, the handling, and the overall look of his new RC.

As you can see, Bezgar makes an incredible gift! My son was absolutely THRILLED to receive this as a late birthday gift!

My son had a blast putting his new RC to the test! Tirelessly he raced and maneuvered his new Bezgar RC around both our home, our property, and our street – all the while marveling at what his RC could do.

The high-quality rubber tires allow your RC to conquer multiple terrains. This RC went from the living room carpet to the gravel driveway to up and down the street with ease. (We’ve had RC cars in the past that struggled on the smoothest of floors – so the Bezgar was an incredibly welcome and wonderful surprise!) This car can handle itself wherever your RC enthusiast wants to take it! The body, containing a sturdy aluminum alloy makes this the perfect beginner’s RC – as it will more easily withstand not only collisions – but dropping. (Because let’s be honest – kids aren’t always careful!)

And speaking of durability, these RC cars are designed to last. We were so delighted that the Bezgar RC does not feature that pesky, long, thin antenna that that adorns nearly every toy-grade RC car on the market. There is nothing to bend, break, or snap!

Another exciting feature? SPEED! This car can move! My son was amazed at just how FAST this RC car really is! We received the Bezgar TB141 Toy-Grade 1:14 Scale Electric Remote Control Car, and this particular model can go up to 16 miles per hour!!!! (That’s faster than some of our neighbors drive on our country roads!!)

Add together high-quality, durability, speed, design, AND an affordable price point and you have Bezgar!

Bezgar carries a HUGE variety of not only RC Cars and Trucks – but even RC drones! Whether you are looking for a toy-grade RC or a hobby-grade RC, Bezgar has something you will love. Visit to learn more and pick out your next RC!

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