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As a kindergarten teacher, reading support teacher, early childhood specialist, and homeschooling parent – I’ve spent a lot of time teaching children to read (Best job ever btw!) and I’m passionate about early literacy development. In that time working with pre-readers, emergent readers, and beginning readers, I’ve found there are several key components to nurture and develop early reading skills – and bekids Reading incorporates them all.

So what is bekids Reading? (Glad you asked! Let me tell you!) 😉

bekids Reading is an early literacy app, designed to jump start early reading skills and set young learners on the path towards a reading adventure. Accompanied by lovable Edwin the Robot, kids read super-cute and engaging books, play fun word games, and improve their reading skills.

Powered with content from Oxford University Press, bekids Reading provides access to quality leveled children’s books. The storybooks are divided into 9 levels to motivate little learners to progress with confidence and at their own pace. (And you can replay previous levels over and over for even more learning!) Beyond the page, fun kids’ games and catchy songs help them learn, remember, and spell 1000’s of new words! And best of all? It’s FUN! (And seriously, it’s so cute!)

Using story, music, repetition, and play, young learners build critical early reading skills while interacting with bekids Reading.

The animated storybooks are not only beautifully illustrated and designed, but interesting and engaging! As an educator, I LOVE that while interacting with each leveled animated storybook, learners are hearing the story read aloud for them, while simultaneously seeing each word highlighted. Using predictable text and building upon prior knowledge gained in past storybooks, young learners will feel confident as they begin to transition from being read to to reading along with to reading independently.

After finishing a leveled storybook, learners must answer a quiz question and play a short review game that will help review and cement the focus words for the given book. The repetition of focus words will help emergent readers develop fluency. As a teacher, it’s exciting to find high-interest learning tools that provide fluency modeling for kids AND sight word recognition building.

Each leveled storybook comes with accompanying mini games to help reinforce the key focus words from each story. Through game play, repetition, music, and more repetition (a monumentally key ingredient for early learning!), beginning readers will learn to recognize (and read!) not only the key words, but the repeated filler words such as an, this, etc.

After each storybook has been completed, learners can play a variety of games featuring pages, audio, and characters from the familiar and practiced storybook! The games feature not only adorable animation and likable characters and concepts, but valuable skill practice!

Emergent readers can practice find the key words, spell the key words (as seen below – hooray for learning letter sounds!), recall key pieces of information from the story (comprehension check!), practice putting sentences together (word recognition and sentence structure!!), and sing along to familiar words from the stories.

I encourage you to find out how bekids Reading can help support your early learner on their pathway to reading and and reading fluency.

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