I have a new list of freebies for you today! (Remember that freebies are only available for a limited time, so if you are viewing this post more than a week after it was first published, some links may no longer be working!) I don’t know about you, but I love freebies. LOVE them. When you typically only get bills and junk mail, a sample sized box of cereal or a tiny tube of toothpaste can really make your day. Hope some of these show up in your mailbox soon, and give you something to smile about. (It IS the  little things in life right?)

I have been wondering for awhile whether or not my kids would eat Cream of Wheat. While I do not care for it, I understand its nutritional value, and know that a good hot breakfast would do my kids some good! Plus, they love oatmeal, so it may be worth a shot. However, I haven’t wanted to buy a whole box, only to have them hate it. So, when I saw this freebie today, I knew it was right for us! Try a Cinnabon flavored packet of Cream of Wheat for FREE! (The Cinnabon part even tempts me just a little bit…) The same link also takes you to a page where you can print out a high value $2 coupon for this breakfast food!

Free Cream of Wheat

Another great line of samples that have really come in handy for me on occasion are laundry detergent. More than a few times, I have gone ahead and started the washer and not realized we were out of laundry soap. Then, I remembered that I had a sample! The laundry was saved. I also like to try out some of the different scents and brands, as we usually just buy whatever is cheapest. Today I have a sample of Wisk for you to try.

Free Wisk Detergent

Another sample that can sometimes save the day is a toothpaste sample! Toothpaste is definitely one of those things you don’t want to be without! I also like to use toothpaste samples when we travel. They are small and handy to pack without taking up a lot of room!  This is a sample of Crest Pro-Health. You have to take a “quiz” to get to the sample on this one. Based on your answers, they will choose what type of toothpaste to send you. (It’s only two questions.)

Free Toothpaste

I’ve got another yummy snack for you! You even get a choice on this one! You get the choice of Banana Walnut flavor or Cinnamon Raisin Pecan Roll. (I hate nuts, but you might not!) Both of these flavors are wrapped up in a new Quaker Life Bar. (It looks like a soft and cake-like granola bar.)

Free Quaker Life Bar

This next one is great if you have a child going through potty training. I have found that a child just learning to wipe, may not always get the job done. =) With Cottonelle Fresh Wipes (that are flushable!) it helps transition them from a baby wipe to using toilet paper. This freebie will send you a coupon for a free TUB of the wipes, and allows you to send a friend a link to a free coupon as well! Score!

Free Cottonelle Flushable Wipes