It’s Friday, and time to meet another mom here in The Mom Spotlight! This week’s mom is a fellow mom blogger that I have enjoyed getting to know. I love learning more about you guys each week, and finding the similarities we all share as mothers.  I hope you will check out her blog at! Sit back, relax, and get to know April!

The Basics:
Name: April
Age: 26 nearing 27!!!
Kids: 3 year old daughter and baby boy who we are anxiously awaiting his arrival any day now!!!  🙂
Hometown: Small town of Baldwin is where I grew up
Kid Stuff:
Children’s TV show I actually LIKE: Sid the Science Kid
My children are NOT allowed to watch: anything that has violence or sex… pretty much all evening shows.  She does get to watch Biggest Loser with me.
One kids’ movie I really love is: Happy Feet and Despicable Me
My favorite book(s) to read to my kids are: Bible songs and Bible.
My kids go to bed at: 8:30 is bedtime but we have lots of late nights and some days it just doesnt work well to get her in bed at that time.
My favorite rainy day activity is: Baking cookies, movies, and crafts
When it’s warm out: we head to the water park, other parks, or do bubbles and chalk outside.
My favorite kid friendly restaurants are: places that let kids eat free:  IHop, Perkins, and several others!
Let’s Eat:
The pantry item I absolutely cannot live without is: Cereal and Fiber One Bars
My go-to weeknight dinner is: Spaghetti
My go-to company meal is: Sweet and Sour Chicken Bake
The food I pretend to buy for the kids that is really for me is: Sugary cereal: Fruit Loops, Smores, Lucky Charms
My food weakness is: Ice cream but not chocolate ice cream… i dislike choc. ice cream
I am not myself in the morning until I’ve had my cup of:  not a coffee drinker, I just need a good shower to wake me up.
Aside from my kids, I am PASSIONATE about: Seeing lives change when they come to know what JESUS has done for them.
If I had a whole day all to myself, I would: if money was not in the way I would find some friends to  go get a pedi and mani, then we would head out for lunch at Olive Garden.  After eating maybe we would find a good shopping mall and buy for ourselves and not the family.  Or maybe we would head to the movies if there was a good chick flick.
My absolute most favorite movie of all time is: hmmm  I don’t think I have a favorite of all time.  I am strange in I really only like to watch a movie one time.  There are so many movies out there so I like to see as many as I can so we do not buy them very often.
My favorite TV show is: Tuesday night is my TV night:  Biggest Loser and Parenthood
My celebrity crush is: Will Smith
If you were to put my ipod on shuffle, you’d likely hear: Hillsong United
The best book I ever read was: A child Called It
My spouse (partner) and I keep romance alive by: date nights, surprises for each other
My favorite place to shop is: lol, Walgreens, Target, Wal-Mart
I am sent to my breaking point when: Things pile up and I get stressed or when people volunteer me for things.
When I’m stressed out I: cry and whine to my husband… also pray
My favorite (most tolerated) way to exercise is: playing volleyball on a beach, or a pick up game of basketball at the park.  Any thing that can be competitive and social.  🙂
The best piece of advice I ever received was: Let Go and LET GOD be in Charge!
THANKS and again let me know if I need to do anything else.  🙂