Who doesn’t LOVE a good puzzle? My kids adore doing puzzles…over and over and over again! Puzzles help children work their fine motor skills while providing an opportunity for them to exercise some critical thinking, logic, and spatial awareness skills. If a puzzle can help them with all of those skills, AND help teach them how to spell/recognize/write their name I am SOLD! I am so pleased to introduce another great product from TLC Woodcrafters! The folks at TLC Woodcrafters, have come up with a great new name puzzle.You should head on over to their website and buy one! Here is the link to where you can find all the info about these fun (and educational!) name puzzles! BUY A PERSONALIZED NAME PUZZLE!!!!
My son Henry was lucky enough to receive a puzzle from TLC Woodcrafters, and was so excited…especially to see HIS name! Children love to see their name…they’re wonderfully egocentric that way. Personalized toys provide kids with the opportunities to recognize the letters in their name, and learn to spell, read, and write their name! His beautifully handcrafted name puzzle is far more than just your average puzzle….this is a tool that will help him learn and grow! Henry has played with his puzzle COUNTLESS times (I’ve even caught it in bed with him a few times), and he is learning to recognize the letters in his own name. The vibrant colors (you can choose primary or pastel when you order!), and solid hardwood construction will stand out to you. This puzzle is very well made, and can definitely stand up to even the toughest of toddlers! One feature I really loved is the new raised letter design. The raised letters make grasping and placing the pieces easy for small hands.
Another great feature is that TLC Woodcrafters can totally customize your puzzle! Not only can you add any name (up to 9 characters!), you can also choose the color set, AND choose a special character! TLC has a TON of ready-made characters you can pick from, or you can have your child’s favorite character laser engraved and hand detailed! (And let me tell you, they do great work!) Henry’s puzzle came with a Winnie the Pooh character, and it is adorable, and so well-done! Check out all of the options they have here: Add a character to your name puzzle!! Characters start at just $4.99, and they will create ANY character for your child for just $9.99! TLC  has also just come out with new theme puzzles! You have to check them out! Each theme puzzle has your child’s name, PLUS a set of adorable character pieces. They have sea friends, transportation, sports balls, spring flowers, and dinosaurs! They are SUPER cute!! Check them out: Theme Puzzles!!
You can also choose to engrave a personalized message on the back. What a great way to show a child you care, or mark a special occasion! You can also choose to add a display peg to the back, to create an adorable name plate or piece of room decor for your child’s room. When your child outgrows the puzzle, this is a great option, and a way to hang onto such a well-made and adorable product!These puzzles are definitely suitable for display! TLC Woodcrafters truly takes pride in their work, and will create a beautiful puzzle that your child can enjoy for years.
These puzzles would also make wonderful presents! Why not order one for your nieces and nephews…grandchildren…godchild…a friend’s newly announced baby! TLC Woodcrafters also offers gift wrapping for any occasion. Even if you are far away from your loved ones, you can send them a beautifully wrapped, completely customized gift.

To begin customizing your own puzzle, click HERE, and check out everything TLC Woodcrafters has to offer! You can also find TLC Woodcrafters on Facebook here: TLC on Facebook! Add them as a friend to stay updated on their latest specials and products!