Fridays are the day where Chasing Supermom takes some time to shine the spotlight on another great mom floating through the blogosphere, and allow all of you to get to know them just a bit better! I love learning from other women…seeing how they organize their day..their time…the things that make them smile…that get them through their day..Well, today’s featured mother, Suzanne, is the blogger behind

From reading her blog, I can tell she and I would be awesome friends had we the chance to meet in real life! This lady has a lot to share, and I hope you’ll check out her blog and leave her some love. I hope you’ll consider allowing me to spotlight you as well! I will be changing up the format of the Mom Spotlight in a few weeks…some exciting changes are coming!

For now, sit back, take a second to relax, grab a nice iced tea or mocha and get to know a new friend! Meet Suzanne!


The Basics:

Name: Suzanne Brown
Age: 35
Kids: Allison (4), Peter (2 ½), Jonathan (7 months)
Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO (but originally from Central California & have lived all over the country!)

Kid Stuff:

Children’s TV show I actually LIKE: hmmm…..
My children are NOT allowed to watch: pretty much anything that’s not on Nick Jr. or Disney Jr.
One kids’ movie I really love is: Beauty & the Beast
My favorite book(s) to read to my kids are: Mr. Brown Can Moo and Wacky Wednesday
My kids go to bed at: Between 7:30-8pm for the older 2, about 6:30-7 for the baby
My favorite rainy day activity is: Curling up with a good book
When it’s warm out: I sit on the patio and watch the kids running off their energy.
My favorite kid friendly restaurants are: Red Robin, Sweet Tomatoes

Let’s Eat:

The pantry item I absolutely cannot live without is: Canned crushed tomatoes
My go-to weeknight dinner is: baked chicken, steamed jasmine rice & steamed veggies
My go-to company meal is: Sweet & Sour Pork or Spaghetti with homemade meat sauce
The food I pretend to buy for the kids that is really for me is: peanut m&ms
My food weakness is: anything sweet, especially milk chocolate
I am not myself in the morning until I’ve had my cup of: Diet Coke


Aside from my kids, I am PASSIONATE about: the University of Notre Dame and finding ways to save time/
If I had a whole day all to myself, I would: see a movie, get a massage, take a nap & eat good food
My absolute most favorite movie of all time is: The Goonies
My favorite TV show is: Law & Order Criminal Intent but pretty much any crime drama will do
My celebrity crush is: Ryan McPartlin (“Awesome” from the TV show Chuck)
If you were to put my ipod on shuffle, you’d likely hear: Brad Paisley and Indigo Girls
The best book I ever read was: The Death of Ivan Ilych (Tolstoy)
My spouse (partner) and I keep romance alive by: trying to do things for each other that we know they other
My favorite place to shop is: The Gap
I am sent to my breaking point when: The level of chaos in our house starts to push past my comfort level (i.e.
when I’m digging clean, folded clothes out of the laundry basket for the 3rd day in a row)
When I’m stressed out I: take a bath (and find a little chocolate!)
My favorite (most tolerated) way to exercise is: walking with a friend
The best piece of advice I ever received was: Life is hard, give yourself grace and accept the grace of God.