Ah Spam…and no, not the canned luncheon meat…I’m talking about those ridiculous spammy comments that bloggers have come to know and “love.” Some may be annoyed. Others may simply hit the “empty spam” button without a second though. I however, choose to make Spamcake…a delicious little post that pokes fun at my recent spam. To check out Volume 1 of Spamcake, just click HERE. Ready to laugh at the sheer insanity that is my spam folder? Well grab your folks and let’s have some Spamcake!

*All comments are featured EXACTLY as they were left on my blog. I did not change any spelling or grammatical errors. (That would make this entirely less fun.) =)

What is the deal with haemorrhoid treatments? Are they actually any good if you buy them online? The doctors are too embarrassing to go to. I’m deathly not going there.

I don’t know man…what IS the deal? Not really sure that it makes much of a difference where you purchase your hemorrhoid medicine, and thumbs up on the smart decision to avoid the doctor….I mean, you’re seeking out medical advice on mom blogs, so surely you’ll find ALL the help you need to rid yourself of your hemorrhoids! Deathly.

I wouldn’t feel you’re able to decide Rosewater before trying the item. It all rests as well as strokes.


Furelraz? That’s marvelously good to know.

Fo shizzle.

What are your thoughts about the American Idol finalists? The news says that a lot of individuals stopped watching because they aren’t interested in the country music. I’m not as interested as I was, but I’m still going to watch it to see who wins. Love Evelyn <3

Well Evelyn, I’d say that your comment is perhaps ill-timed, as American Idol ended months ago. But go ahead, keep watching to see who wins. (And by the way Evelyn, I called the winner immediately after he auditioned.)

Get Your Exgirlfriend Back – Why Being Nice Just Doesn’t Work

I will keep that in mind the next time I become a single guy looking to win back an ex. Thank you!

Do you have a contribution button? I tried to locate one immediately after looking through this awesome article however could not seem to locate it. E-mail me your paypal if you like and i’ll donate some ramen money!

Ramen money? You like my blog SO much you’re willing to donate enough money for me to buy a package of ramen? Your generosity of spirit blows my mind…Now to decide between Creamy Chicken or Beef…hmmm…Maybe if enough of you spammers join together, I can buy a cup of noodles too!

Obama is a (not nice word I omitted)  bus driver

Hmmm….I’m completely sure you’re right..In-between his presidential duties, I’m sure Obama is out driving the tour buses for the tourists. I hear he works the monuments route..You should go wait for him to come by.

That’s a great perspective, although just isn’t create any sence whatsoever preaching about that will mather. Every means thank you and thought about endeavor to reveal your publish towards delicius but it surely looks like it’s a problem using your blogging are you able to you need to recheck this. thanks once more.

Thank you for the tips on how to make better sense! Clearly you are an expert in this area.

I am a real estate agent from Japan. I have been watching buying property in Tennessee. My doctor purchased a office building there a year ago and has made a enormous return there.

I am an avid Trivial Pursuit player from Washington. I enjoy Mexican food. My cousin attends art school. Thanks for wanting to trade useless facts with me! I love small-talking with my spammers!

I’m out of leauge here. Too much brain power on display!

Ahh….I’m just going to bask in the glow of my automated but adoring spam public.

Thank God! Someone with brains sepkas!

Too bad someone with brains doesn’t comment!

It’s the little adjustments that create the most dramatic shift.

True that.

You thought I was going to tell you to go out and buy a dehydrator and make your own fruit roll ups. Im always looking for healthy alternatives for foods that your kids will love.

That IS always my natural assumption when people begin speaking to me. So tired of hearing about those darn home-made fruit roll ups.

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I feel like I’ve been drinking after reading this….

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I’ve got three kids man….Better question is do you know how to REDUCE sperm count?And again, thank you for choosing such an appropriate forum to add your comment about sperm…Nothing makes you more hungry for a tasty casserole or more ready to do some phonics activities with your kids then a well-placed comment about sperm.

Love is hard to get into, but harder to get out of.

I didn’t know Dr. Phil read my blog!

Its really one of the nice blog that gives the nice info on insects and about the wild plants and animal.I am a wild life photographer and I love to see these type of pictures.I always watch National Geography channel and I really enjoy all the programs of it.Thanks a lot for this blog here.Hoping o see some more pictures like this.

I’m so glad you were able to see my clear and defined love of insects and wild plants in my vast number of posts on those topics.

I suppose that sondus and smells just about right.

You’re right…I believe it does. The Spamcake must be done now!

Until next time people, stay spammy. Stay spammy.