It’s time for another mom to step into the spotlight today and share her wisdom, advice, and experiences with us. I absolutely love learning from other moms. Sometimes we get so stuck in our rut, that we fail to think of any new ideas or ways to do things. Catching a glimpse into the life of another mother can help spark an idea, or give us a fresh perspective….or sometimes some much needed validation that you’re doing okay! Today’s mom is a faithful Chasing Supermom reader and one of my favorite “friends I’ve never actually  met.” I know you will all enjoy hearing from Lindsay today! A big thank you to Lindsay for sharing with us today! I’m always looking for moms to step into the spotlight. Please contact me if you’re willing to share with us! Ready to meet a new friend and get some new ideas? Let’s go!


So, who IS this Mom?

Name: Lindsay Mizer
Age: 31
Kids (How many/How old): 2, 6 year old twin daughters (Maggie and Olivia)
Hometown: Vancouver, WA
Hobbies (You know, b/c we all have TONS of time for these..): reading, movies, crochet, crafting, baking
Stress Relievers: yoga and reading
Favorite Way to Exercise: Yoga
Collections/Obsessions: I collect Buddhas, books.
Here are a few of my favorite things: Sleep! Spending time with my husband, good music, good food.
Pet Peeves: People reading over my shoulder (I HATE IT!). Judgemental people.
Favorite TV Show: That’s a toughie, I love TV. True Blood, Dexter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sons of Anarchy, The X-Files, Twin Peaks..Seriously, I’m a little obsessed with television.
Favorite Movie: The Usual Suspects, Stranger than Fiction, Arsenic and Old Lace
Favorite Book/Series: Pride and Prejudice, The Sookie Stackhouse series (They’re so much fun!)
Life Philosophy: “Whatever you are, be a good one” –Abraham Lincoln

Let’s Talk Products!

The baby item I cannot/could not have lived without is: Bouncy chairs. With twins, it was the only way I could take a shower. Throw them in their bouncy chairs, they’d fall right asleep and I could actually take 10 minutes to myself.
Best game(s) for kids: is a great online resource. Tons of free games that are phonics based that kids actually love.
Favorite board game/party game (for YOU!): Trivial Pursuit. I’m the queen of useless knowledge. It’s my dream to someday be on Jeopardy!
My favorite children’s book/series/author is: I love Maurice Sendak. And the Olivia books (of course)
No child’s bathroom would be complete without: Johnson’s Bedtime Bath. I love the smell.
MY must-have in the bathroom is: Anything lavender scented. And it has to smell like REAL lavender.
My medicine cabinet must have: Band-Aids. I swear my girls use them as fashion accessories.
Make-up essential: Bare Escentuals mineral makeup. And a good mascara.
My favorite kitchen gadget/appliance: My crock pot. I’ve used mine so much that the handle is falling off. I totally need to get a new one.
Favorite app: Pinterest! I’m officially addicted.
Best magazine: Lucky. I love looking at all the fashion and reminiscing for the time pre-twins when I actually had style.
For the outdoors, you MUST have: Sunblock. Good music.
In the car, you need: Music! A car ride with grumpy kids and no music is the definition of torture for me.
I could NOT clean my house without: My steam mop. I love that thing. It makes mopping floors so easy. I add a couple drops of essential oil to the water to make the house smell pretty.

Come and Get It! (Food time Baby!)

I simply MUST have ______ in my pantry at all times: Pasta
To keep their lunchbox interesting, I: I confess, I’m the worst at school lunches. I’m a great cook, but I get so boring and predictable when I make lunches for the girls.
BEST snack on the market for kids: Go-Gurt was like the most genius invention ever. We can’t live without it.
Finger food ideas for babies/young toddlers: The twins always ate what we ate. They did love green beans, straight from the can, though. Perfect size and texture for wee ones.
MY favorite food: I love a good steak. I’m a total carnivore.
At lunch, I typically eat: I’m notoriously bad about skipping lunch. I just get too distracted!
NEVER eat: Peas. I loathe them.
My spice rack would not be complete without: Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and Garlic Powder.
My go-to weeknight dinner: Tacos.
My go-to company dinner: We usually grill it up. London Broil, thinly sliced, salad, good loaf of bread, lots of yummy sides.
Yummiest dessert: I would commit a crime for the perfect piece of pie. Preferably cherry. But
I do make a mean potato chip cookie. Want the recipe??
1 Cup Butter
½ cup granulated sugar
½ cup chopped pecans
½ cup crushed potato chips (plain ol’ unruffled potato chips. The cheap ones work great)
1 ¾ cup flour
1 tsp vanilla

Mix all the indegredients. Roll into balls, flatten with the bottom of a glass dipped in
sugar. Bake @ 325 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

Best brand/flavor of ice cream: Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia
Fast and easy breakfast ideas: Breakfast burritos are quick, and easy to prepare in advance and freeze.
Best baby food: I always made my own. Then again, I loved Gerber’s vanilla custard. Yes, I used to eat it.
My favorite way to get (sneak) veggies into my kids diet is: Pasta sauce. It’s so easy to hide some grated veggies into canned spaghetti sauce when no one is looking.
When you’re thirsty, you MUST try: I’m a tea girl. Or Ice water with lemon and cucumber.
I would do just about anything for a plate of: Homemade fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy.
Best kid-friendly restaurants: If you live in Vancouver, Boppin Bo’s is a great place for kids. It’s a local family owned burger joint where they love kids.
Best drive-thru restaurant: Burgerville.
Favorite place to go with just the S.O.: We don’t get very many nights out alone. Frankly, I’m not picky. Any time I get to spend with him is golden!
Do you make your kids eat what you are eating? Explain why/why not: We all eat the same meals. I’m a firm believer in “you have to try it before you can not like it”. They at least have to take a few bites.
How do you handle picky eaters?: I have a very picky daughter. We actually have a pretty hard time with her eating habits (I swear that she would be happy eating cheese sandwiches for the
rest of her life.) I’ve found that having her help in the cooking process has helped a lot.


I would describe my parenting style/philosophy as: I’m very laid back. Our daughters were born over three months premature, so they’ve had some significant delays. I’ve found that trying to compete with other kids and other moms just drove all of us crazy. I try to just let my kids be themselves, and guide and teach them when they need it.
Our bedtime routine: teeth, potty, book, bed. Simple!
Tips for a smooth morning: Routine! Have a set schedule.
On rainy days, we like to: watch movies
When it’s hot, we like to: play in the pool
I love to play pretend with my kids:
I hate to do anything that requires a lot of cleaning with my kids:
My kids are not allowed to: be hateful.
My best piece of potty-training advice is: Patience. Don’t fight or force your kids. I swear, they won’t still be wearing pull-ups in high school!
How I handle the kids’ chores: We all participate in cleaning. They’re part of the family, they helped make the mess, so they help clean as well.
My kids are/are not allowed to choose their own clothes (and why): They get input, but I have the final say on school clothes. At home, they can wear whatever they want.
Here is how we handle discipline: We’re firm but loving.
Birthday party tips or ideas: I got nothing!
We manage extra-curriculars/sports/activities by: They don’t really do much extra stuff yet.
I wish we’d never given into: I really don’t know.
Here is one (or two) of my favorite holiday traditions to do with the kids: We always open one gift on Christmas eve before bed (Spoiler—it’s pajamas).
How we teach values/character: By example.
Homework solutions: Get it done first, more time for play!
One thing I think we did right: They’re still intact, and I only have a little grey hair. So far, so good.